Friday, January 1, 2016

2016- Some Goals

Another new year, another fresh start! 

Change and motivation should come at anytime during the year but there's something about January 1 to makes me want to re-boot and refocus.

I've put together a short list of some things I want to focus on this new year, 2016.

1. Keep my camera in hand to capture all around me and in turn improve my photography skills. I love taking pictures! And was spoiled this Christmas with some new equipment. I want to really get out there more and just shoot and do more research on how to keep getting better.

2. Get more involved with the homeless and refugee population of our area. In 2015, I spent less time giving back and volunteering than I did in 2014. And I felt it. I felt the nag in the back of my mind that I wasn't doing more. I believe it's really important to get out there and help others. Plus, it's important for Kaydin to see and adopt that giving spirit as well.

Serving lunch on Thanksgiving at the downtown homeless shelter in 2014.

3. Read more books. I go in spurts of really wanting to read books and then others I just spend my time reading blogs and articles on the web. Still reading, but I really loved when I get sucked into a book. Only non-fiction for me though. I save fiction for movies. :) Celebrity memoirs are my vice. Love them!

4. Do some art journaling. A sketchbook and some fun pens/markers were on my Christmas list this year and mom and dad fulfilled that for me. I love the thought of art journaling. I'm nothing close to a good artist, but I want to try!

5. Always remember how blessed my life is and how lucky I am. It's always so easy to take your life and everything around you for granted, and I admit that I do, but I try hard to take it all in and enjoy my life. Acknowledge the appreciation and love for those around me. Time passes so quickly, we just go through the days to get to the weekend, the next big event or holiday, or whatever else we are looking forward. I want to focus on doing that less and living in the now and remembering how grateful I am for everything I've been blessed with.