Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

I think this might've been the fastest year that Halloween has come and gone. Everyone everywhere is always saying it, but the older I get, the faster time goes!

We got a little more creative with our pumpkin carving this year and used one of the kits with the patterns. Tim busted out the gnome and ghost while I struggled with the skull. But they all turned out pretty dang good! :)

We made some mummy dogs during Halloween week. Just hot dogs (spring for the high quality ones. So much better! Applegate is my favorite) and crescent rolls. Easy, quick and super cute!

Kaydin decided on her costume late this summer and it was perfect! And all we needed to buy were the shoes-- well, and her stuffed animal props. But it turned out so well. One night in August I found in her room laying out her outfit declaring she was going to dress as Tip for Halloween this year.
Meet Oh, Tip, and Pig from the movie Home. Sponsored by DreamWorks.:

And of course when you trick or treat in Des Moines you have to have a joke ready. This year hers was actually a joke, rather than some random facts having to do with the topic of her costume.

Where do mummies sleep?
With their mummies!

What's a mummy's favorite music?

The annual jack-o-lantern pizza!

And her pumpkin cookie she gets to eat on trick-or-treat night.

And now the brainstorming starts for her to come up with her costume for 2016!