Monday, September 14, 2015

The Art Cart

A little organization, some cheap thrift stores find and recycling, and a cute little cart and you have yourself a great arts and crafts area for your home!

Kaydin is such a little artist. She loves to draw and craft. Her bedroom was bursting at the seams with supplies. We did our best to keep it organized and picked up but that led to everything being in a tote or just piled up under her bed.

Putting it out of sight led to her not crafting as much. She wasn't using her artistic abilities as often as I wanted to see. 

And when she did get the itch to create, it was always a huge mess to clean up and a puzzle to get everything back into the tote. Not ideal.

Last fall I came up with the idea of this type of cart to store all of her art supplies. It was actually Meg, from Whatever, that inspired me.

Last year on Black Friday, World Market had their carts 50% off so Mom and I made a trip there to snag this metal one. If you want to get one even cheaper, IKEA has them, too.

All of the storage is either glass jars or other glass containers. Some are just washed out cookie butter, mayonnaise, pasta or some other recycled food jar. Others are random finds from thrift stores. I'd been collecting jars of all kind and was able to put a bunch of them to use!

We've added to it since last fall, and just recently I did a sorting and organization overhaul and now it looks like this! Every shelf full and a jar to divide all her supplies in an organized fashion.

The organization freak in me just loves how it looks now! Give me a closet to organize or a drawer of papers or stuff to sort through and I'm happy!! :) That doesn't mean I don't accumulate clutter (I do!) or have a super clean house all the time (I don't!) but the act of it all is really fun to me. #weird

All of the containers ended up working pretty well with what I chose to stick in it. Especially the big fish bowl for all the crayons and the smaller one for the glue sticks.

Having it all on display and sorted nicely makes it so much more inviting and feasible to pull things out easily. It sits in a corner of her bedroom and is always in view just waiting for her creativity to flow!

Now to always just make sure it looks this clean and organized. I'm crossing my fingers! ;) Although, Kaydin didn't get my love for organization so I'm not holding my breath!

Do you have an artist in your household? How do you wrangle all of the supplies?