Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List Checkoff 2015

Let's hang on to summer just a little bit longer, shall we? 

I shared lots of pics of our summer last week, but this time I'm gonna do a little check off of everything we actually followed through with from our summer bucket list Kaydin and I came up with this spring.

I think we made pretty good progress through this long list! We checked off most things! Some are still on the to-do list but we made a pretty good dent through the short summer season!

Kaydin's Summer Bucket List


*Swimming at the aquatic center

*Read 10 chapter books
This summer we just didn't read as much as we should've. It's a priority again this school year though!

*Get slushies from Tropical Snow

*Go to the art center

*Go to South Dakota with Grammy and Papa

*Visit Living History Farms

*Play with friends
*Set up the sprinkler in the backyard
*Get a new snail for the fish tank.
This is still on the to-do list.Tried a few times to get a couple new snails and it never worked out for one reason or another.

*Stay up late til midnight one night watching movies

*Make beaded jewelry
*Make new loom band creations
*Fashion show
She made a fashion show out of trying on her new school clothes.

Mollie's Summer Bucket List

*Pick wild flowers

*Visit the various farmers markets around the city


*See Pitch Perfect 2
Plans fell through to see the movie in theaters, but it's in the works for when it comes out to rent or buy.

*Make homemade fruit filled, low sugar popsicles

*Visit Washington DC

*Harvest lots of food from the garden

*Go strawberry and blueberry picking
We got the strawberries but not the blueberries.

*Buy a surplus of strawberries, blueberries and peaches for freezing and preserving

*Lots of trips to the frozen yogurt shop

*Bike the High Trestle Trail
Still haven't made it up there! Someday!

*Can chopped tomatoes from the garden
 These tomatoes werem't from my garden, rather Mom and Dad's and my friend's Summer's, but I still put em in a mason jar! Hopefully someday I'll get the green thumb for producing some tomatoes!

*Go to a few garage sales
Never stopped at any this summer despite the hundreds of signs always lining the intersections.

*Visit the State Fair

*Indulge in a smore's frappuchino

*Make homemade ice cream

*Trip to Ames for dinner at Hickory Park
We didn't make it up this summer but hopefully soon!

*Attend Des Moines Arts Festival

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