Monday, September 7, 2015


All the fun of our Labor Day Weekend 2015...

Kaydin and I dug in the garden while Tim finished staining the deck. Pulled all the beets up and found more success than last year!

Our strawberries are still blooming and producing so we shared a few with Squeaky and Ciara.

Saturday morning we visited the downtown market with my co-worker Vanessa.

Pupusa for me!

After the market I stopped by the DMU campus where I work to pick up some acorns. And then roasted them at home and hit them with a coat of gold spray paint.

Next on the agenda was the art center with my friend Megan. Neither of us had been there, only Kaydin, and it was on our summer bucket list!

This little table is full of sunflowers seeds.

Hand-made, hand painted porcelain sunflower seeds! They looked SO real!

And then lunch at the restaurant there. If you visit still this season, try the caprese panini with pesto. Delish!

After the art center we headed to the library to pick up some new reading material. And then headed home to crack open the books!

I found quite the surprise when I filled up my water can to give all the plants a drink. This little bugger popped out the hole. Took a little bit to catch him, but we released him back out to the wild where he belongs!

Later that afternoon I cranked up the oven and made peach crisp with the fresh peaches I grabbed at the market earlier that morning.

Sunday consisted of lots of cleaning, organizing and a full dinner of my favorite grilled foods!

Monday morning was filled with pulling out the fall decor and going on a run with the dogs. Later we ended up at Dairy Queen to fulfill a promise I made to Kaydin. At her softball practice last week she hit every pitch the coach tossed to her! And hadn't picked up a bat since her last game back in May. I was super impressed! She requested a trip to DQ so that was promised as one our to-do's for the weekend.

More organizing happened Monday afternoon and evening. I got this cart last fall at World Market for all of her art supplies. More inventory and messes required a redo of everything. I love how it looks and that it's out in the open so she sees it all and uses it more!

Our fall decor is up! My favorite time of year!

Kaydin baby spent a few hours this weekend making a new loom creation, a dragon. She's making good progress!!

We had 90+ degree weather all weekend but still fit in some fun outdoor activities and got lots accomplished inside while enjoying the A/C.

What were you up to this Labor Day Weekend?