Monday, May 11, 2015

What to Bring for #blend2015

Only a few more days until Blend 2015!! Work has been so busy the last couple weeks I've barely had a chance to even think about it.

from Lindsay

But for the travelers that are attending for their very first time, I thought I'd throw together a short list of some things you should be sure to bring!


Well I'm not mentioning the usual things that should go in your suitcase like clothes, bras and shoes. The lovely ladies that have been planning Blend for the last year already provided us with an extensive packing list as far as clothing. I thought I'd share a few abstract things you need to make sure to bring with you!

1. Self-confidence

(from Erika)
This is huge when heading to a group get together where you may not know anyone in real life yet. This will be my 3rd Blend retreat and I was a little nervous my first year. It's normal but really not necessary at all! It's important to be yourself. I sure will be. Just take a look at my hair and notice all the gray hairs popping through. ;) I really should be getting a dye job this week before hopping on the plane, but I just really don't have the time and ya know what? It's really not needed. Big deal, I'm coming as my natural self! Just have some confidence and be yourself gray hairs and all!

2. An outgoing spirit

Photo from Katie
I'm guessing the reason you decided to attend Blend in the first place was to meet some new people. That's probably one of the main reasons most everyone attends. You can't meet new people if you don't join in the fun. I mean, I'm no trail runner but I'll still be right there on the trail hiking the darn thing and probably taking the shorter route turnaround. So don't be shy, muster up that outgoing spirit, join in the fun and strike up a conversation! Make some new friends!

And that's my packing list for you! Easy. Takes up no room at all in your suitcase! :) Let's see...did I forget anything??  Oh yeah- an extra bag for all the SWAAAAGG!  ;)

Can't wait to see all my past blends again and meet a bunch of new ones! See you all soon!!