Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Scenes from the weekend 5.22-5.25 {Memorial Weekend 2015}

Lots of fun-- and rain :( -- this weekend!

Kaydin had her last day of 2nd grade on Friday, May 22nd.

Friday was also the campus graduation picnic. 

Saturday morning I woke up super early to venture down to the market before all the crowds. I got there right before 7am and the streets were filled by 7:25! 

This was at 7:50 when I was heading home.

The rose bushes are starting to bloom!

Saturday we spent the day building garden boxes. Love them!

After a day of working, I did not feel like cooking so a snack plate was made and we called it dinner!
Later in the night we joined our neighbors outside for awhile.

Kaydin added a strawberry to make her drink fancy. 

Couldn't pass these up in the grocery store.

Sunday morning we went toad hunting in the rain. She was determined to find something and ran into this huge guy right away!

Sunday evening we headed up to mom and dad's house. Monday morning I went junkin'. Through all of dad's good stuff!

A few weeks ago my brother got some baby chicks. We had to go see them!

While Mom and I did stuff around the yard, Dad and Kaydin played catch with the football.

A hopeful trip through the grove for some morel mushrooms left us empty-handed.

We instead went asparagus hunting and found lots of loot!

Mom and Dad have lots of rogue chive bunches. This one made its way to my house to be re-potted.

Unpictured: the required trip to the Purple Cow ice cream shop in Pocahontas once that time of year hits for the seasonal shop to open its doors. :)