Thursday, April 23, 2015

Things I'm Loving

Just a few things I've been loving lately...



Its Skimm Day! I've been getting theSkimm emails since last fall. Love it! theSkimm is a daily email service that sends a summary of the world's biggest news stories right to your inbox every morning. It's one of the first things I read every day. It's nice to get a quick version of what's going on, plus the humor included is great. Use this link to sign up if you'd like to get the latest headlines delivered straight to your inbox.

Fed Up


This documentary is a must-see for everyone in our country. I really love nutrition documentaries in general but this one is really good. It focuses on the childhood obesity epidemic that our nation is being plagued with and the goverment's role in keeping it an epidemic. Such great insight that all parents and even kids should hear. Plus, it features some of my favorite nutrition experts and activists. Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Robert Lustig, Mark Hyman. #nerdalert

**A calorie burned is a calorie burned. A calorie eaten is not a calorie eaten.

Old Navy Active Wear

I swear by the Old Navy Active Wear line. Especially the sports bras. When I got an email of a one day sale for $6 sports bras, that was my first stop when I got off work yesterday. I got all of the above for only $41! You can never have too many workout tops or sports bras!

Almond Breeze Almond Coconut Milk

Have you tried the Almond Breeze Almond Coconut yet? So good! Kaydin is a huge fan of coconut milk and loves this almond coconut milk blend just as much. Blue Diamond reached out offering the chance to try this flavor and I was happy to accept given that it's already a regular purchase for us! Didn't have to twist my arm to share with the world. Great for cereal, smoothies, even baking! And Kaydin's favorite- by the glass full! :)

I was given free product but no other compensation was offered. All opinions are my own.

My life

Yep, loving life! So much has been going lately. Some things normal, basic routine parts of life, others just simple family time, and others different out of ordinary happenings. I'll hopefully get around to documenting it here soon. I've been slacking in updating this "online journal" of mine and I miss it!

Anything you are loving lately?