Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pin It Party 3.0

I'm joining in on another Pin It Party hosted by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean!


I looked back and it has been almost two years since I've participated in the Pin It Party linkups. CANNOT even believe it's been that long! I was searching through spring of 2014 archive posts cuz I really thought it had only been about a year. Crazy how fast time goes by.

Anyway...we are all Pinterest addicts, am I right?? Actually, I had really laid off and got burnt out because I started using it a lot back in early 2011 before it was very popular. (Although, I have gotten back into the habit of scrolling through the app the last couple months while I'm laying in bed at night.) In fact, I even remember that the way the Pinterest's creators actually originally envisioned the site was NOT to be self-promotion. That's the guidance the site gave in the beginning anyway. I specifically remember that it read Pinterest was not to be used for self-promotion.

Today, Pinterest operates in a completely different manner. People are constantly hawking their own websites and lots even get most of their hits and income from Pinterest. Since I remember and was participating in Pinterest during the early days, I wasn't too fond of the idea of all the self-promotion and the animal it's turned into. But technology changes and evolves everyday and more and more people are earning their living and supporting their families off of their websites and pinned content.

Of course, I have no desire to make this blog my sole career and income (hence why this is only my 10th post of 2015) and truly enjoy my work outside of my home. To those that have do earn their income by route of an online website and using Pinterest, more power to you and I'm sometimes jealous of your entrepreneurial spirit. Now, with all that said, how about a little bit of self-promotion and going against everything I just said above ;) And know that this post will probably earn me zero, zilch, nothing :) I just have a few recipes I'd like to mention again because they are that good!

Fresh Pressed Green Juice + Juicing 101

Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes

Crab Rangoon Pizza

Bacon, Blue Cheese, Spinach Puff Pizza

Hop on over to Lindsay's link up page to find even more delicious recipes and lots, lots more, I'm sure!

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