Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Make Ahead Freezer Smoothie Packs {+ Smoothies with Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk}

During the winter my smoothie making usually goes on a hiatus. Just too cold to sip on a drink containing ice or frozen fruit.

A couple weeks ago, though, as the temps have started to rise, I pulled my smoothie ingredients out of the freezer and cupboard. Since we're coming back around to smoothie making weather I wanted to make the fast and easy meal even faster and easier.

It just took 15-20 minutes of my time on a Sunday afternoon and I mixed together lots of smoothie packs that are now just waiting for me pull out in the mornings when we're short on time.

To add even more nutrients, my liquid of choice when blending smoothies has been Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk. Adds such a creamy texture and lots of calcium without the dairy. I mixed one up for Kaydin that had grapes, berries, and almond milk and it was her favorite one I've made in a long time. Sometimes just the fruit with no other added sweetener leaves her requesting honey. This time she sucked it down no problem stating she loved it! I credit it to the almond milk adding great flavor and creamy texture.

Make ahead freezer smoothie packs

tsp or two chia seeds
tsp or two hemp hearts
tsp or two wheat germ
1 cup mixture your choice of fruit (fresh or frozen)
handful of spinach
2-3 ice cubes
sandwich size plastic bags

Add all ingredients to the bag.
Store in the freezer and pull put when ready to blend a smoothie.

*Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. All opinions are my own.