Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Weekend I...{January 23-25, 2015}

This weekend was a great one!

had pizza from one of my favorite places, Casey's! Yes, a convenience store in this area, but they also make some the best pizza around!

stocked up on my favorite Valentine's candies. After getting a text message from my dad requesting I deliver his some cherry hearts the next time I come home, I figured it was time I bought myself some of the seasonal candy that is out this time of year. I have eaten these every Valentine's Day for as long as I can remember. A must-have this time of year in our house when I was growing up.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III on Friday night after our pizza and a walk with the dogs. A couple weekends ago we watched the new remake that was just released. That had Tim and I reminiscing over the old ones from the early 90's. A search on Amazon and I found the set! Last weekend we watched I and II, and this weekend we finished up the series. Such good memories! Josh was more than obsessed with the Ninja Turtles when we were little. So fun watching the movies again. Annnnd I found the cartoons on Amazon Prime!

took the dogs for some play time! Saturday morning it was too nice not to be outside and the dogs definitely need more exercise this time of year so after breakfast we headed out to the dog park so Squeaky and Ciera could run around for awhile.

Before we left the dog park, we explored the beach area by the lake.

met up with some friends, Jamie and Megan, for lunch! Sadly, though, this pic of my salad is the only one I have from our meetup.

saw a dance show, Diavolo, at Des Moines Performing Arts Saturday night. My friend Summer invited Kaydin and I to the show and we happily took her up on her offer. I love seeing shows there and a dance themed one was right up Kaydin's alley.

straightened Kaydin's hair Sunday morning. We rarely time the time since it takes so long, but it's nice to do it in this weather since there's no humidity. Makes it look that much better.

took a quick trip to the mall, Costco, and Home Goods by myself after I dropped Kaydin off at a birthday party.

snacked on perfectly red and juicy strawberries (and unpictured blueberries and blackberries) from said trip to Costco. They have some really high quality berries in our store right now.

made an easy dinner with just these two ingredients. Roasted spaghetti squash topped with a pasta sauce I found at Aldi this fall. The squash had been hanging out on the counter for a few months now and I finally thought it sounded good. Super easy dinner on a Sunday night is always a win!

ended Sunday evening with a nutrient packed dessert, vanilla chia seed pudding. Made with almond milk, vanilla extract, honey, maple syrup and chia seeds. (Based off Cassie's recipe.)

And that was our great weekend with some pretty awesome January weather! Topping out around 45-50 degrees, I will definitely take it!