Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 {In Pictures}

Our Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 recap, mostly in picture form!..

Wednesday morning Kaydin had no school so that meant I also had no work. We stayed home and started on the Thanksgiving food preparations. But first we braved the falling snow for a bagel and eggnog latte.

In the morning we popped in The Boxcar Children movie. I read these books when I was a kid and loved them. About a year ago one of my co-workers graciously gave me her collection of the books. I was happy Kaydin loved the movie so much and was interested in reading the series, too!

More prep!

Finding out that the turkey smoker, aka my brother, Josh, can't come last minute because of work means that I pull a turkey out of the freezer at 9:00 pm Wednesday to get it thawed for cooking Friday morning. Thursday afternoon it was all thawed and I used an injector to shoot it up with a saltwater mi with liquid smoke. It all turned out well though! Not as good as the one he made last year, but pretty acceptable for my first time cooking a turkey, and on the fly not knowing what the heck I was doing.

Thanksgiving breakfast consisted of Crockpot Breakfast Casserole from Iowa Girl Eats, a little chocolate almond mix mixed with plain (straight chocolate milk is just too chocolately for me, never liked it), and the Thanksgiving paper filled to the max with all the shopping ads.

This year since we had no family dinner planned for the day of Thanksgiving, we signed up to serve at the homeless shelter. It was a great experience that I hope to be involved in again in the years to come. A big thank you to Sam and his team from Tacopacolypse for for preparing both meals for the day. (Sam is the bearded man in the background. Super cool guy! Look for him on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives later this season.)

More food prep for our Thanksgiving lunch for Friday.

Turkey pancakes for a quick snack Thanksgiving evening. She made em all by herself!

Kaydin got to do a little Thanksgiving shopping of her own this year. We tried tracking down the 52" bear she found in the Walgreens. After checking two stores and calling three more she settled for this 45" inch guy to add to her collection.

After an early morning of Black Friday shopping with Mom and Dad at Menards, Fleet Farm, and Wal-Mart we headed back home to have breakfast and finish making our lunch.

My first turkey!

Have to have a separate plate for the sweets so they don't touch the savory. :)

The rest of Friday was spent saying goodbye to Mom and Dad, cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, sledding on the small hills and sidewalks around the house, walking the dogs and watching movies.

Saturday afternoon took us downtown for Disney on Ice. For the last several years it's been a Thanksgiving weekend staple.

After Disney on Ice we hit up Zombie Burger for a cheeseburger and fries. I chose one that included guacamole. So good!

After eating we had some time to kill before the skating rink opened so Kaydin suggested we stroll through the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park. She had been there on a field trip before and was excited to show me around.

I had never been skating before and it was a first for Kaydin, too. A perfect evening with warm temps made it the perfect evening to try it out. I only fell twice...after being pulled down by Kaydin Baby falling in front of me and she fell too many times to count. But she did get the hang of it and did pretty well.

We had a new visitor show up at the house this weekend! An elf named Chica! She has been busy playing with Kaydin's stuffed animals, delivering new PJ's, and getting into the marshmallows. It's been fun to wake up every morning and see where she'll be next!

Sunday was spent packing away the fall decor, putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations and not getting out of pajamas all day. It was a great weekend that left me wanting just one more day to hang out, get stuff done and have fun with my family.

Now on to Christmas and other holiday happenings!