Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween this year and Kaydin's costume was probably my favorite she's had so far. She wanted to be a peacock so we made it happen! And it turned out awesome!!

We celebrated the holiday by revisiting a few favorites and also adding new things to our list!

We made the trip to the Blank Park Zoo for Night Eyes again this year to wander the trail, see some animals and also trick-or-treat. This event is always so popular every year and is always packed!

She's never been big into taking pics with characters, but this time she willing wanted a picture with the Cat in the Hat and his sidekick friends.

Obligatory shot by the pumpkin! :)

On the Sunday before Halloween, we headed to the Governor's mansion, Terrace Hill, for their family event Scare-Us-Hill. This was a new one to us this year but it was fun! And really cool to see the mansion all decorated in Halloween and spooky decor.  

It's not fall and Halloween without carving our pumpkins!

This year we held a pumpkin decorating contest at work. I think our research office did pretty well in creating a new researcher for our university. Even complete with his own ID card!

Our pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's, another Halloween tradition. Although, this year the poor guy is missing an eye thanks to Kaydin Baby gobbling it up before he made it to the oven.

The annual pumpkin shaped sugar cookie made its appearance again, too. I was definitely not feeling making and rolling out dough this year, but I made it happen to keep up another one of our traditions. She's had a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie with her name and year on it since she's been born. I'm too much of a sucker for traditions and memories to let it slide off our to-do list! 

You can't go trick-or-treating in Des Moines without having a joke at the ready. This year her joke of choice was, Why DIDN'T the skeleton cross the road? He didn't have the nerves! An actual joke this year! In other years she has been out there telling more fact-like statements rather than jokes. She even got lots of laughs in return so she was pretty proud of herself.

We stayed out much longer than in years past (over an hour this year!) and gathered over a full bucket of candy! She had a great time running from house to house hearing all the compliments on her pretty costume. Every one loved it! I'd by lying if I didn't enjoy hearing all those compliments, also! ;)

I made her costume this year. And all on my own!!! No help from anyone. Usually I enlist my artistic mom or brother, or receive the crafty help of my friend, Traci. But this year I did all the creating on my own! :) Pretty proud of myself this time around.

The best part of  trick-or-treating is coming home and dumping out all the candy to see what you got, right?? That was always my favorite part!

My reward for taking her out this year was a pile of Twix bars! She knows me well! She picks up Twix for me and Reese's for her Dad. Such a generous peacock we had this year! :)

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What's your favorite part of Halloween? 

Did you dress up this year?