Monday, October 6, 2014

This weekend I...

picked Kaydin up from school on Friday afternoon and we headed to a movie.

used Saturday morning to catch up on some TV. Since I discontinued my satellite and decided on just paying for internet, I'm now keeping up with my favorite TV shows either in real-time or online. I realllly miss my DVR, but I don't miss the bill. Plus it's actually helped me pare down all the shows I used to watch. Now it's only the favorite favorites that are making the cut.

made homemade hot chocolate for a chilly fall night. Complete with a peppermint marshmallow. Perfect combo. Visit the marshmallow vendor at the downtown farmer's market to pick some up for yourself. So good!

made cinnamon rolls from the can. Kaydin requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast Sunday morning so during our grocery shopping trip on Saturday these babies made it into the cart. Cinnamon rolls in a can for the win! :)

pulled out the box of hats and gloves. Late Sunday morning we headed out for a bike ride. Not without suiting up for the too-early-in-the-year cold temps though.

found a new trailhead on our bike ride that led to a great stretch to ride through. Miss Kaydin couldn't make it through without stashing a few treasures in her bag.

did some canning! I had a bunch of tomatoes that need preserved. I decided on the easiest method- just chopped, seasoned, heated, and jarred.

indulged in some pie. When we all make our sometimes weekly trip to Hy-Vee, a pie always seems to make its way into the cart. By way of Tim. This Dutch apple flavor is my favorite. A short zap in the microwave takes it to a whole new level!

Weekly Menu
Parmasean crusted tilapia with spinach salad and roasted veggies
Stuffed peppers
Italian wedding soup
Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

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What did you do this weekend?