Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Color Run 2014

Ok, it's about time I quit putting off this recap and get it out there!

This summer Kaydin and I joined The Color Run again. Only this time we had a few others with us, too! My aunts Irene and Joan, my cousins Angie, Karen, Andrew and Alicia, and my mamma! My boss, his girlfriend, and her family were also in attendance. It was a fun morning with lots of fun people!

Mom was pretty gung-ho on running this thing. I think The Color Run is more of a fun walk but when she took off just after crossing the start line, Kaydin and I took off, too. We ran on and off throughout the race and I'd guess she maybe ran about half of it. Pretty good for someone who I don't remember running too often when I was growing up (and beyond).

It was fun to pick up all the extra color after the different stations and take the job into our own hands. Kaydin, Angie, and Alicia took this job pretty seriously and even rolled in the color a few times! The point is to get as colorful as you can, right?

Notice those pretty purple handprints? Yeah, those were from me! ;)

I'm so glad a handful of my family joined in this event! It's a fun one for anyone. It's a great, fun way to get some exercise and participate in an event you won't find any day of the week. And my main worry about the whole thing- parking- turned out to be not that bad. 

Lyon family- if Aunt Rene can navigate to and park in downtown Des Moines on a busy event day, anyone can! I'll see you all next year! ;)

Disclosure: I was offered two free registrations in exchange for promoting the race. All opinions are my own.

Have you joined The Color Run yet?