Friday, October 10, 2014

Josh's Wedding~September 20th, 2014

This is the mostly wordless story of a wedding.

My brother's wedding. The last few days leading up to the wedding was a lot of work, a lot of stress, and involved a few arguments but it was an unforgettable, perfect day!

Now there's officially one more to join the Lyon clan.

Unexpected errand. Had to fix some tux sizing problems.

Just like my Grandpa Sjoberg used to wear.

The boys baked...

And the girls filled the bird seed containers.

Friday morning I had a secret errand to run. Had to pick up this bouquet- but it wasn't for the bride.

The rehearsal dinner decor.

Thanks to my Aunt Roben for letting us borrow these!

Rehearsal dinner treats. Chocolate covered Oreos.

Prepping the flowers to put in the pond,

After Josh and Kerstin said their I Do's it was Mom and Dad's turn. Only Mom didn't know it. Dad, Josh, and I had been planning a surprise. Mom and Dad's 30th anniversary was just 12 days before the wedding day. Dad asked Josh about proposing to Mom and completing a vow renewal after Josh's ceremony. And that's what happened!

Casey's pizza. The perfect way to end such an exhausting but amazing weekend!