Friday, October 31, 2014

Five Things Friday 10.31.14

It's been all things Halloween this week! I love this time of year, just sad it passes by so quickly! I'll fill you in on all of our Halloween happenings in the next couple days so let's see what I can come up with that's not of the Halloween variety! :)

1. Kaydin and I are spending the day with this little peanut tomorrow. I'm wishing it wasn't going to be so cold so we could hit up the park. Instead, our plan may be altered to hit up the library. And maybe Home Goods to find a few things I'm in search of.

2. Speaking of Home Goods and my search, I want to find a lamp for my office. It's time I do some more decorating in my space and one thing I want to find is a fun (but not too trendy, i.e.- chevron patterned) but homey/cozy, smallish lamp! I'm hoping to get lucky at Home Goods!

3. I bought a sewing machine on NoMoreRack,com the other day. Just a small beginner one but I'm hoping it will satisfy our needs and help me learn a few basic skills. I think I'll be begging this crafty lady to teach me a few things though!

4. How well do you do at sticking to a budget? I usually do fairly well, I've always been ok with money, but I never knew where it all went. I only get paid once per month so it's important that I pay all bills up front and spend wisely so I have enough to last me all month. I've been tracking and budgeting for a few years now, but I finally started using cash and the envelope system. And just this month I tracked diligently where every dollar was going and spent only cash for the most part. It was actually fun and made me more aware and careful about my spending. I even had a good sized surplus on this last day of October! Now to keep up this for all future months, too!

5. Now that Halloween is passing us by, it's time to turn our thoughts to Thanksgiving! Need to start planning the menu! Although, it doesn't change much from year to year. I've done the majority of the cooking (except the bird) for the last couple years and it's been so fun to take on that role for my family. Last year Josh even said my escalloped corn was as good as Mom's. Now that's a serious compliment coming from him as escalloped corn is mandatory on our holiday tables according to him.

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