Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch 2014 {Wills Family Orchard}

A couple weekends ago we made our annual trip to one of the local orchards. 

We try to rotate and pick a different place every year, but this time we hit up the same spot we did last year. Apples were not of the "u-pick" variety this year due to some hail earlier in the year, but we still had a great time! 

First, we checked out the animals on site. Some very curious hens and very friendly goats greeted us as soon as we walked up.

This guy wanted to get real close! I thought I was gonna end up with a licked cell phone!

We hit up the country store before we hopped on the hayride. Their fresh apple cider donuts are a must try! Kaydin and I split one, but I definitely could've used one more half! :)

Also purchased from the store was a large bag of honeycrisp apples destined to be paired with some almond butter, a jar of apple butter, and a jar of tart cherry jam (so good!).

The majority of our visit was spent in the pumpkin patch, weaving in and out of the vines searching for just the right ones. Perfectly round ones, small ones, Cinderella varieties, ones that were green but not too green, one that was bumpy with just the right amount of black. So many types to choose from!

A quick hop on the tractor before we headed home was definitely necessary!

We got there not long after opening time on a Sunday and I'm glad we did. It kept getting busier and busier during the almost 1 1/2 hours we were there.

Wills Family Orchard
33130 Panther Creek Road
Adel, IA 50003

Did you make it to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch this fall?