Monday, September 8, 2014

Quick Weekend Recap {+ Weekly Meal Plan}

This weekend was a great one!

Lots of time spent with people I love, doing activities I love, in the weather I love most-- the beginning of fall!

Friday night Kaydin and I spent the evening on campus where I work for their annual Run DMU 5k event.

When we got home from the race, we found a hummingbird flying around going crazy. Kaydin thought if she stuck her finger out and held really still, he might land on her finger. Turns out hummingbirds don't like to land on little girls' fingers, even if they try hard to hold still for a few seconds!

I was so excited to wake so crisp, cool air on Saturday morning! Perfect for the downtown farmers market. I was even more excited about the company was planning on spending the day with!

One of my dearest friends, Launa, was in town from Florida. It's always a good time when we all get together!

Whatcha got on your face there, Kaydin? Oh, just some powdered sugar from the best cream cheese danishes you can find. (From the La Mie booth you are you curious)  ;)

This stand had the most beautiful dahlias of all sizes and colors. The stand owner said they came straight from his backyard in Ames. Can you imagine having this as your backyard view?! #jealous

After the market we hit up our favorite lunch spot from college, La Hacienda, and sat and chatted for a few hours. Being apart for two weeks or two years, it's always like we were never apart at all. Love spending time with these three ladies! #corefour

And we can't all get together and not get a shot of all our tattoos together! It's tradition.

The rest of Saturday was spent running errands, cleaning and organizing at home and relaxing on the couch. Sunday was much of the same, minus the couch. I cleaned and organized Kaydin's room and it's almost how we want it!

Sunday evening I spent some time in the perfect weather to get some work done in the garden. Between all the rain and some soil being washed away and the naughty bunnies, my beets didn't fair too well this year. At least the nutritious tops are edible! :)

I've already been thinking ahead and making plans next year's expanded garden. Can't wait! 

After a quick and easy crockpot dinner of pork roast and veggies and getting showered, we settled in on the couch to watch a movie, The Amazing Spider Man 2. Now I'm obviously not savvy with the comic book storylines, but really how can they keep remaking the same movie showing slightly different story lines and still make millions?!? Baffles me!

And that was our weekend! Can I get a do-over, please? :)

Weekly Meal Plan
Crockpot pork roast with carrots, potatoes, and onions
Buffalo Chicken Wraps and Roasted Portabello Caps
Gazpacho and BLT's
Buffalo Chicken Taquitos
Cream of Chicken and Noodles

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Happy Anniversary!
And I can't post on this day without a shoutout to my parents! It's their anniversary today! 30 years and still going strong! Love you guys!

What were you up to this weekend?