Thursday, August 28, 2014

What I've Been Up To- July Edition

Alright, even though it's almost September we are going to back up and talk about what happened back in July! I'm all about memories and what better way to to secure those memories than posting to the Internet? amiright??

Enjoy our July highlights!

I took the first week in July off from work to relax, spend some time with Kaydin and do some fun things around the city. Our  first stop was the Science Center of Iowa to see all the exhibits and catch an IMAX movie.

During the summer Jordan Creek Century Theater features a kid/family friendly for only $2.00!  The movie we caught was Turbo, a cute Disney movie neither of us had seen yet. It was a fun (and cheap) outing for a summer vacation morning.

It's never too early to teach kids about finance and saving. Kaydin added counting up the money from her piggy banks to her summer bucket list. After it was all counted and she kept $11 for spending we took a trip to the bank to get it deposited into her savings account.

It was just the dogs and I on the afternoon of 4th of July. Tim was out of town so I took some time to relax on the back deck with Squeaky and Ciera with some sun tea in hand and Bob Marley playing on Pandora. The rest of the July 4th weekend was spent with my bestie, Kristyn, eating some good food, lounging, and getting in a little pool time.

Before Kaydin and I headed north to meet my dad for the annual exchange, (Kaydin spends a week with my parents around the 4th of July) we hopped on our bikes and hit the trails in our new neighborhood to explore a new part of the trail system we hadn't been on yet.

Kaydin had been requesting a visit to Sky Zone for a couple months. A week of vacation was the perfect time to finally agree. And when pairing the visit with a Groupon, it was a fairly inexpensive activity.

Some of my family traveled to Des Moines for the Color Run on July 13th. It was so fun to do it with all of them! There's already talks of participating next year! A full recap to come!

My herbs have been doing great like they do every year! Now I just need to keep cutting them to preserve them and have some herbs through the cold, dead winters. All of my other veggies have been doing fairly well, slow but steady. Since we've had such a wet summer and be pesky bunnies like to visit, I've had a few growth stunts. Oh well, this is my year to learn the area our garden is set it and make it better and expanded next spring. I'm already excited and making plans for next year!

The day after Tim left for his Colorado stay for his graduate banking degree, Kaydin and I hit up the local pool, Valley View Aquatic Center. It was a prefect heat-filled afternoon to take a dip in the water and dry by laying poolside.

Just a slow summer evening relaxing with my little miss. We need to find more of these nights year round.

We visited our Little Free Library about weekly throughout the whole summer to check on inventory and donate new books. It's been a great hit in the area and I look forward to seeing the offerings maybe expand to additional parks. If you haven't visited yet be sure to check out Ridge Point Park and take a book home! but please leave one behind to share with others! :)

One warm summer night, Kaydin and I set out down the local gravel roads with a pair of scissors in tow. When I visited my Grandma in Kansas during summer when I was a little girl, picking wildflowers was a tradition. The setting sun, warm, evening summer air, and keeping your eyes peeled for the bright, beautiful colors of the flowers was one of my favorite events of the summer every year. Ah, memories!

It isn't summer without watching my favorite show Big Brother!

Tim and I did some landscaping! That is to say, we found some big rocks, Tim picked them up and got 'em in the car, I supervised from the side, told him exactly where they should be placed, and then I bought some clearance perennials from the Hy-Vee Garden Center. I think it looks pretty good though!

A summer staple, 4th of July fireworks! Kristyn has the best view from her driveway so that's where we stayed!

Just an evening game of Headbandz to keep us occupied!

Some pretty little girl engaged in a nice little selfie session in the backseat.

While visiting the Science Center, she told me my fortune!

I met up with a couple girlfriends, Traci and Summer, near the beginning of the month for Zoo Brew. Zoo Brew is an adults only event held at Blank Park Zoo on Wednesday nights with live music, beer, wine and margaritas. It was surprisingly* relaxing strolling through the zoo sipping on tequila with no kids tagging along!


I had a fabulous weekend back home at my parent's house for the bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette weekend! Josh and Kerstin decided to have a joint party and float down the river. I had never gone before and was a little nervous, but despite a few glitches it was a great time! It's always fun to hang out with family that I don't see near enough!

And finally, Kaydin and I hopped on a plane on my birthday to meet up with Tim to explore the Boulder, CO area. Another recap that will hopefully be coming your way soon!

Make sure to click all the links to learn more about all of the fun offerings I mentioned in this post around the Des Moines metro area.

What have you been up to this summer?