Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday {July eats edition}


I'm alive and well! and busy!

But you probably already knew that. It seems like blogging falls to the wayside in the summer, especially the month of July. I have so much to fill you all in on, though! July was a fun month and since I like to document what happens in our everyday lives, we'll be backing up a bit during the month of August!

But since I'm still not caught up in real life and ready to devote more time to blog, I'm jumping back in with a picture heavy post of many things we ate during the month of July!


Tim makes a mean breakfast! His French toast is pretty dang good! 

I got a flyer for a free Graze snack box in the paper one week. Now I'm a paying customer! Their boxes are so fun and pretty cheap!! Go here to learn more and enter my invitation code, YKLLRNRB to get your free box, too! 

Summers at the work cafeteria mean make your own pizzas! This one had alllll the veggies, pesto, and a little bit of chicken! Need to recreate this soon!

Pupusas with the family at the Downtown Farmer's Market after a fun, early morning at the Color Run!

Froyo after an afternoon at the aquatic center is mandatory, right? And a quick tip- Orange Leaf has the best cookie dough topping in all the metro frozen yogurt chains! Mmmm!

A quick fresh recipe I need to get posted- zucchini noodles, fresh raw sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, dill and a little salad dressing. So fresh and summery!

Another recipe coming your way soon- blueberry galette with a coconut oil crust. Yum! Even better eaten warm and topped with some vanilla bean ice cream!

Fresh peaches in July are the besssst!

A new find from Trader Joe's. Pretty good! Just apples and mangoes on the ingredient list!

Typical summer dinner for us. Tilapia with some veggies on the side! Tim has perfected his tilapia preparation technique and it's sooo good!

When you are craving roasted marshmallows but there's no campfire in sight, ya do what ya gotta do! 

Snack plate for dinner is always the way to go when your kids are out of town and you only have to 
feed yourself!

Sangria on 4th of July? Yes, please! Made by my bff, Kristyn!

A mouth watering meal from Jethro's! Locals- if you haven't tried the jalapeno creamed corn from there you are missing out! And I don't like spicy food but this is AWESOME!

Jethro's fried pickles- a must order item!

Bowl of mojito fruit salad from Iowa Girl Eats and a fresh peach, aka Heaven! 

Bagel breakfast during staycation is definitely a good idea!

Simple crockpot pork tacos with cilantro, queso fresco, and avocado. Plus a great meal for leftovers!

A fun, easy meal with no clean-up. And made by my mamma! Can't beat that! She calls 'em hobo meals. There's a hamburger hiding under all the veggies. Easy and filling!

Another staple summer meal. Can never have too much corn and watermelon in the summertime!

Have you tried the peach and blackberry mojito green tea lemonades from Starbucks yet? Do it!

Creamy, caramely gelato! 

Who remembers these? When I saw them in Target I had to snatch them up, just for nostalgia's sake.

The awesome spread at Kerstin's bridal shower, my soon-to-be sister-in-law!

Eat as many fresh rainbows as you can :)

Need to seek these out! A freebie from Blend but they will soon be making it into my regular 
grocery rotation!

I don't usually buy this brand of Greek yogurt because it's thickened with cornstarch, but I was intrigued by the new flavor, almond creme. It tasted just the filling of a Dutch letter!

There ya have it! All my documented eats during the month of July! It was a delicious month! :)

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