Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vacation Week Happenings {and our news interview link}

I have thoroughly been enjoying my days off and not having to beat the clock to get to the office by 8:00am every morning!

We've been partaking in some fun activities around the city as well as having some fun family time together in the evenings by going on bike rides, running the dogs and checking in on the garden.

I thought I'd check in quickly to share a few photos from our week so far and also share our news story! It aired last night and I'm so pleased with how it turned out! The story and message was awesome and Kaydin did so great in front of the camera. In case you aren't local, or even if you are and missed the news story, here's the link to the video here!

We've learned!

We've indulged!

We've been entertained at the movies!

We've saved!

And we've created! 

And we're only a few days into our vacation! Keep up on what we're doing this week through Instagram!

I hope everyone one else is having a great week, too!!

Did you see us on TV last night?