Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday {The BLEND Edition}

What better way to share what I ate throughout the BLEND weekend than through What I Ate Wednesday! We had some great eats; I wanna travel back and do it all over again!!!

Thursday morning started bright and early (4:00am early) with me not being to sleep. I finally got up and out of bed at 5:00am to get ready for the the airport. Once I left the house I stopped by Hy-Vee to grab some cough drops for my dry throat and a bagel to eat at the gate. I also snacked on some almonds while on one of the flights.

Once we landed in Salt Lake and got settled in at the hotel, Alyssa, Julie, Alex, Lindsay, Amanda, Katie and I went to Red Rocks Brewery for some lunch. I chose the beet and goat cheese salad. I think beets and goat cheese were the theme foods for the weekend. They popped up everywhere. Some girls even tried beets for the first time. Although, I think it may take them a few more tries before they love beets like Katie and I do!

After doing some sightseeing in the Temple Square area we changed for happy hour and realxing on the patio in the gorgeous weather. I went with a trusty mojito, a fresh mango flavored one. It wasn't my favorite drink ever, could've used more sugar (I know, right? Who am I? lol), but I still got it down. :)

Dinner was next at Saltebello. The pizza I chose was on point and the crust perfect! I can never resist a pizza with olives and artichokes.

The next morning we hit up the free hotel breakfast. Their waffles- so good! And they offered hard boiled eggs. Yay for easy protein!

Our next meal was in Park City after we registered for the weekend and received our massive swag bag!
Cafe Rio wasn't the original plan, but when the big group of us inadvertently got split up, our smaller group opted to hit up the popular Cafe Rio. I wanted to eat here when we were at Blend last year but never got the chance. So happy we made it this year! Cafe Rio is a version of Chipotle but certain parts are better! The tortillas are made on sight and are to die for! The creamy tomatillo dressing- I could eat it with a spoon! Need to find a copycat recipe stat!

(From Nicole)

After Cafe Rio and a quick fun run/walk, we stopped by the first snack break sponsored by Arctic Zero. Their banana berry smoothie was awesome! Thick, creamy, and full of fruit!

It really seemed we almost never stopped eating the whole weekend. After the snack break and a shower we were back downstairs gathered together for some awesome appetizers and drinks. I seriously wish I woulda eaten more of that salmon and the black bean cakes. Both were soo good! Thanks to Sizzlefish for being involved and letting us sample their salmon!

(From Nicole)

Cocktails were also available and included sponsor, Flurowater. I again went with my favorite, a mojito. This time apple flavored.

Dinner this night was pizza again for me, but I wasn't complaining! Goat cheese and beets also were featured in the salad (see the theme?) but I was excited to indulge in two of my favorite foods again for the second day in a row!

Nicole and I split each of the desserts so we could sample them all but I think all of us agreed that the salted caramel one (far right) was out of this world. Shoulda eaten a full one of that flavor! ;)

After dinner and some photo booth prop shenanigans, we learned of the fire pit outside for a relaxing and fun nightcap. When the hotel staff offered us a s'mores kit, we were all over it!!

(from Nicole)

The next morning after boot camp we were eating again! Silk was cranking out smoothies!

Quest provided breakfast. I said a million times (right Katie?) but I loved those potatoes! So crispy and had a pesto flavor.

Organic Valley offered some yummy fuel for our hike, a newly released milk protein shake. Also, not shown is the pear I yanked from the free hotel breakfast in Salt Lake the morning before. A perfect after-hike/before-shower snack. :)

Saturday's snack break featured Kidz Shake. I was really excited to try this and meet the founder, Dr. Rach, as we had been emailing and talking before the retreat about her product and she also provided me with an e-book and some advice when going sugar free. Kaydin loved the strawberry flavor so I can't wait to try more at home!

Saturday night, a bunch of us visited High West, a vodka and whiskey distillery. I went with the brussel sprouts to hold me over til dinner.

For dinner we broke off into groups and the bunch I was with decided to got to Wasatch Brewery. I made a last minute decision and decided to go with the buffalo burger. It was great! I'd never had one before but it was awesome! Lean, smokey, and juicy flavor! And you can never go wrong with a side of sweet potato fries.

I fully planned on skipping ice cream at our stop before we headed back to the hotel, but I sampled this new-to-me-flavor, honey lavender and it was BOMB! I had never had anything like it before. Not too sweet, earthy, soothing flavor. I want more now! Must find locally! 

I thought I would skip ice cream so I could fully indulge in Mamma B's Utah scones. Although, I ate ice cream and still had two scones. Love them! And paired with homemade jam and honey butter makes them all the better!

Sunday morning's breakfast, sponsored by Nature Valley and Yoplait, might have been my favorite all weekend. Well, wait who am I kidding, they all were pretty great! Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal normally, but put it right in front of me with all the yummy toppings readily available and I love it!! It had been a long time since I'd had yogurt since we just came off of our no sugar/no dairy challenge and the pineapple flavor topped with granola really hit the spot!

Once we said our good byes it was time to come down off of the high and sensory overload we had been on all weekend and zone out to Instagram. I ate and apple and this hummus and lentil chip snack box that was in our Bulu box from the swag bag.

Some bbq brisket in the Dallas airport seemed appropriate. :) Although, I've never had green beans and baked beans that were so spicy! Yikes! My mouth was burning so bad I had to take multiple breaks!

And one last food pic for good measure, my Chipotle salad for Monday night's dinner. With an empty fridge and no desire to cook comes a veggie and guac filled burrito bowl! #nogroceriesequalsnocooking

**Huge thank you to all the sponsors that made Blend possible and kept our tummies full all weekend!!

(from Nicole)

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