Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Little Free Library- Ridge Point Park Waukee, IA

It was an exciting weekend for us! Lots of fun things going on!

One of those things was the installation of The Little Free Library I was involved in getting set up at Ridge Point Park in Waukee. It was kind of a long process to get it here but it was so worth it and it looks great!

It's located on Legacy Point Boulevard near 156th Street between Hickman Road and University Avenue. If you are in the area or passing by on a walk or bike ride make sure to check it out!

To add even more excitement to the event, we had a news crew there to capture it all and ask some questions of us. We were able to promote the library, the parks, and the Waukee Public Library all in one morning!

After the library was firmly in the ground I took my turn in front of the camera talking about my blog, why literacy is important and answering other questions about the library project.

Kaydin was even interviewed by the reporter. She was asked why she thinks reading is important and why she likes to read. She said she was nervous but you never woulda known. She rocked it! Tune in to see what her answers to the questions were. :)

When Kaydin and I stopped by on Saturday to add some more books to the library, we were so excited to see a few books missing and some new ones in its place! Just over 24 hours of it being installed and already it was being used! Yay!

There are an estimated 10,000-12,000 libraries now set up around the world. I'm excited that myself and our community contributed to those numbers and also to promoting literacy to young children.

Be sure to take advantage of the free offering of books in our community! #takeabookleaveabook

If you have any questions about the library or ideas for promotion, please let me know! molliesprinkles at

Thank you to the Little Free Library and Post Alpha-Bits cereal for believing that literacy in children is an important skill for children to master. For a few fun ideas to teach your kids literacy using Alpha-Bits cereal check out my first blog post introducing the Little Fee Library project. To learn more about The Little Free Library organization, visit their website!

Disclosure:I was provided with two boxes of cereal and a library structure and books to fill the library. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.