Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Weekend 6.13.14-6.15.14

A quick recap of our first full weekend of summer!

Our Friday started with playing at the park, installing the Little Free Library, and a news interview. Pretty great way to start the weekend!

Next came a routine trip to the dentist so it was good we started it on such a high note.

After the dentist we ventured to my office so I could get some work done. Although, having a helper there I never seem to get as much done as I'd like.

Saturday morning I couldn't get Kaydin or Tim talked into going to the market with me so I settled for a walk with Ciera. Kaydin rode her bike and picked up trash (oh, my little environmentalist. I'm so proud!) while I brushed out this fluffy girl. It is prime shedding season at our house and we have fur galore!

We stopped along the trail to pick some flowers and Tim and Squeaky joined us after his trip to the vet. Ceira has been itching like crazy so Tim took her to the vet Friday and learned she has mites. Saturday was Squeaky's turn for medicine.

After our nice morning walk in the perfect breeze and sunshine, Kaydin and I set out to complete some errands and hit a few garage sales. She hit the jackpot when she found a scooter for $2.00! She had been wanting one and it saved me some money so I was pretty happy with that find, too. We also found lots of great books to add to our library. After a stop at the free mulch pile we went by Ridge Point Park to drop off the new inventory of books.

After our errands we got some picture taking out of the way. A little last minute but it worked and turned out really cute!

Hope you aren't reading this, Dad, since your pic hasn't been delivered yet ;) 

Once we were back home again and ate a quick lunch, I was back outside laying some mulch. I put it down between the tomato and pepper plants to try to cut back on some of  weeds.

While I was working, Kaydin was playing. We got a fun sprinkler system from Aldi last week and she played in that thing til she was tired. Squeaky kept her company while she laid on the deck drying off and getting some sun.

Saturday evening involved some fro yo (the cherry amaretto flavor from Cherry Berry is BOMB!) and a little pool time before the sun went down. It was our first trip to the pool for the summer, although I decided to just watch from the edge. Still too chilly for me.

Sunday, Father's Day, we took Timmy out for lunch at Cracker Barrel. We were met with a wait but passed the time playing some checkers on the front porch of the restaurant.

To round out our weekend we met up with a cute little one year old to celebrate her birthday! Charlotte was a champ at getting her little fingers in all her cake frosting.

The party was at a Des Moines splash park, the perfect location to keep my little fish happy!

It was a fun, packed weekend; a great one to kick off the summer! Bring on more weekends just like this. :)

What is your favorite activity to partake in during the summer?