Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My hair washing routine {and my no-poo experience}

So last summer I didn't shampoo my hair. 

Instead I used baking soda and vinegar. I planned on publishing this information months ago. And then never got to it and forgot all about it. I do still want to share though for anyone interested. I'm not using this method anymore and instead have gone back to a regular shampoo and conditioner (I really like the Organix brand.) 

And now I am washing my hair even less than I did with the No-Poo routine. I wash mostly once per week on Sundays. Most people wonder how the heck I can go that long without it being greasy or dirty. 

Well, the answer is: I DON'T! 

My hair definitely gets greasy and dirty in that week time frame, but I just pull it back into a top knot, messy bun or messy pony to hide it. My routine now is that I usually wash on Sunday night (I wear it in messy bun for bed and then style on Monday morning), wear my hair down Monday Tuesday, the front pinned back on Wednesday, and then up Thursday and Friday. Depending on what's going on for the weekend I may need to wash it again to make it pretty and presentable if I want a hairdo that it's all down. If I do wash on the weekend then I just alter my usual routine and wash once in the middle of the week. Sometimes I can make a cute hairstyle for the weekend without having to wash and get off schedule. And if we've got nothing really going on for the weekend, well then I definitely don't wash til Sunday night. 

So that's my routine as of now. Below is some more information and details about what it was like when I wasn't using traditional shampoo and conditioner.
Yup! I used baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair all through the summer of 2013. In 120 days, I washed my hair 25 times. That averages almost 5 days between washes. 

June 8 -1st time using baking soda and vinegar-felt great! so soft, clean and light

June 12- didn't feel as good as the first time.
June 14- washed with normal shampoo & conditioner at mom and dads
June 18- felt heavy and greasy after washing
It was fun to experiment with new styles now that my hair held better. ie- was not as soft
(not always the result you want when it comes to your hair)

June 22- felt great after washing. clean and light
June 25- little heavy again at the top after washing

This style was easy to get to since my hair was somewhat dirty. 

July 2- really light and clean feeling, soft.
July 5- light clean soft, washed cuz at the pool all day
July 14- feels good 
July 19- soft, clean, light, full
July 24- not quite as soft as usually. I think I used too much vinegar.
July 28
August 3
August 7- used a little shampoo, little condt and sprayed with vinegar
August 10
August 13- used little shampoo and condt. all I had at Tim's house 
August 24- felt not clean at all after using shampoo and conditioner the last time I washed.
August 27- felt clean and soft again
September 3
September 8- throughout the fall I felt like my hair wasn't as shiny and just dull.
September 12
September 17
September 21
September 26
October 1
I got my hair cut and colored on October 3rd. I had already planned on stopping the no shampoo routine, but I told my hair dresser what I had been doing all summer and he said, "Ok, but WHY would you do that?!?" lol. He told me nothing was really wrong with doing that but it's wasn't the best for the hair. The vinegar is what he says is harsh on it. And he was right. Throughout the fall, my hair kept getting duller and just wasn't as soft. I liked the low maintenance of it and not using chemicals that seeped into my scalp, but my hair just was not as pretty.

I totally recommend not washing your hair everyday. My hair does more styles now, feels healthier and is so much easier! It does take some training but really stick with it and you will  be washing your hair only once per week in no time! :)

A little secret- I didn't wash my hair at all while at Blend! I just repurposed my styles and made it the whole weekend, sweating and all, without spending the time washing and drying it!

(from Nicole)

A Helpful Resource:
Amanda, at Living in Another Language, is where I found all the information on how to follow the no-poo routine.
First post
3 month update

Have you tried this method before?

Are you able to not wash your hair everyday?