Friday, June 20, 2014

Blend Retreat 2014- What We Did

One more Blend recap for ya! Mine won't be much different from the other attendees' recaps but I still wanted to get one on the blog as I call this little website my online journal. It's always fun to look back and remember what you documented from the past! 

Plus, Blend was so fun!! I'm happy to relive my memories while explaining to you all what we did and show off our fun pictures! (Food pics aren't included in this recap, but you can see everything we ate during Blend in this post.)

(from Lindsay)

(from Nicole)

My journey to Blend started bright and early- too early since I couldn't sleep! I was battling bronchitits and major coughing so sleeping through the night was tough. I wasn't going to let that stop me from attending, though! I may not have had much a voice, or at least not my natural one, but I made it through! :)

After a small group of us that had come in a day early convened at our hotel we ventured out for some lunch at Red Rocks Brewery.

After that, Alyssa was our tour guide showing us around Temple Square and explaining things along the way.

After exploring we settled on a patio for some chatting, chips and salsa, and happy hour!

(from Julie)

Friday morning we set out for Park City to get checked in and get the official Blend Retreat started.
Thanks to the below five women who planned the event and did all the leg work on Thursday and Friday to make it happen for us!

Paige, Janetha, Lauren, Lindsay, Katie 

( 2 above pics from Lindsay)

After checking in, meeting all the new roommates and lunch at Cafe Rio there was the Fun Run led by Janae. A bunch of us turned the Fun Run into a Fun Walk. :)

(from Amanda)

Next up was a snack break hosted by Arctic Zero. I had never had it before but I think I'm a fan now!

Friday is the cocktail party and dinner. The one time of the weekend where we should probably wear real clothes instead of just a workout/comfy outfit.

All my suitemates!
 (4 above pics from Lindsay)

(from Erika)

(from Katie)

After dinner and photobooth fun, we learned of a fire pit outside. A perfect setting to talk the evening away and just hang out!

(from Lindsay)

After some more chatting with the roommates once I came back up to the suite it was finally time to say goodnight after a long day because we had a boot camp to get to the next morning!

Onnit was our boot camp sponsor and leader on Saturday morning. It's always fun to workout with others, something I never do at home.

Orlando offered up a little plank challenge for us all. I surprised myself and held for 5 minutes 30 seconds. Longest I'd ever held a plank! It was motivating to hear all my other Blends cheering me on, but I couldn't hold one more second.

(3 above pics from Lindsay)

After our breakfast it was time to get ready for our hike. I participated in the hike last year, and although the weather wasn't great, the company and views were spectacular so I knew I'd be joining this year, too!. This time the weather came through and it was absolutely gorgeous, as was the company again this year, too! :)

(from Stephanie)

 (from Kait)

The Blend organizers worked their magic to get the gondola rented for us during this time. Some people didn't like the heights too well, but I was loving the ride! So fun and we saw such pretty views on our ride up the mountain.

(from Amanda)

( 2 above pics from Lindsay)

(from Nicole)

After a shower, it was time to reconvene and hang out for the Kidz Shake snack break. I really loved the flavors of this protein powder and Kaydin did too. An easy and healthy alternative to a traditional kids snack, I'm in!

(from Lindsay)

(from Heather)

Before we headed to downtown Park City for the evening, some of us participated in a fun and relaxing yoga session led by the talented, Kait. I told her she was meant to practice and teach yoga! It seems to come so natural to her and she has the best soothing yoga voice. I even stopped part way through just to sit back and watch lead and do the moves. It was fun!

(from Nicole)

A large group of us stopped first at High West, a whiskey and vodka distillery. After that a smaller group ventured off to get dinner at Wasatch Brewery before heading back to the resort for Mamma B's scones, a huge hit at least year's retreat so we busted out the pans and dough and graciously made them for us again.

(from Nicole)

It was another early morning come Sunday. This time GPP led our workout. They led our workouts last year so I knew it was going to be a tough workout. And it was, but also so fun! We did a team/group workout that was tough but didn't seem so bad since we were all working together.

And after another breakfast and packing up all of our major swag, we gathered for the raffle and some picture taking. A huge thank you to all the many, many sponsors for making this event possible!!

(4 above pics from Lindsay)

Next year the party of moving back to Boulder, CO, where the first retreat was held. I really hope to make it back and hope too see all of you there too! :)

Also, a huge thank you to Travis, Lindsay's husband, for being an amazing photographer all weekend!!