Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Things I Learned at #blend2014

Blend 2104 is already over and we're all back home in our respective parts of the country.

(From Lindsay)

Boo :(  I miss my blends already! This year was even better than last year, and next year is sure to be even better, too!

(From Julie)

I'll come back again with more posts in more detail but I'd thought I'd share a few things I learned this weekend!

1. I like buffalo burgers.
I had just told Nicole that I don't order burgers at restaurants earlier in the day. Then we ended up eating at Wasatch Brewery and I ordered a big ole burger...with sweet potato fries! It was super awesome! Great flavor in the lean meat and perfect smoke from the grill.

2. I can hold a really long plank. Like a 5 min 30 sec long plank! 
Orlando from Onnit held a little competition at the end of their sponsored workout Saturday morning. I thought, ok, a plank. I can do that for awhile. I made it my goal to last at least 3 minutes. With the support of many other women cheering me on after they'd already dropped, I made it to 5 minutes and 30 seconds! I'd only gone that long one other time in my life and that was a year and a half ago. Finally, I just couldn't hold it any longer and just missed out on the prize placing 5th, I believe. Oh, well. I was still really proud of myself for going that long!

3. I'm confident and laid back in what could be an otherwise nerve-wracking situation.
I'll credit it to the fact that I attended Blend last year, but I was 100% at ease the whole weekend. I was excited and happy to talk to new people, I wasn't nervous or worried about what others thought of me, I was just me! I had a great time connecting with my old Blends and learning about and bonding with new ones! I had a GREAT weekend and can't wait to do it again!

(From Katie)

4. I will be visiting Boulder, CO next May!
I was soooo excited when the event planners made the announcement of where Blend will be held next year. No more waiting 7 months to find out! Hopefully everything will align well and I'll be attending again. Yay for cheaper airfare! ...or at least a destination that's driveable, if needed. :)

5. I love my Blends and the blogging community!
I definitely already knew this, but weekends like the one I just experienced solidifies it even more! I love the girls I've known for over a year now, and I also love the ones I bonded and connected with in just a few short days! It really is amazing how fast some of us click and become in real life friends and I'm so grateful for that. Now I want it to be September (so I can see a bunch of them again at HLS) and then next May (for Blend 2015)!

(From Julie)