Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thinking out Loud Thursday


After a packed couple of weeks, the schedule isn't slowing down yet. I am pretty excited for Kaydin's activities to get over this spring so we have some more free time. She has decided she wants to take the summer off from her extracurriculars and I'm pretty ok with that :)

I've had some things going and some new ideas on the horizon so today it'll be all about updates :)

1. Garden
The garden is in! Now I just need to get some plants and seeds in there. Last week I got eager and planted some seeds before the rain hit. I thought they would get a good watering to help them sprout. Well, instead they got a ride down the river that formed during all the crazy rain we got last week. I'm hoping some of them still sprout but I doubt it. We've added more dirt and I plan to get the whole thing planted this weekend!


2. Mom and Dad's 50th Birthday Party
 The party went great! It's always fun to get together with family and friends. We had great weather, lots of food, yard games, and s'mores by the fire. It was a fun time! Thanks to everyone that contributed and came. :)

3. No sugar meal plans
So a few weeks ago I started reading the book, Year of No Sugar (affiliate link) by Eve Schaub.  It's really interesting. It made me want to try a no sugar experiment in our house. Not to lose weight, not to swear off sugar because I think its evil (although, I kinda do think it is. I need to keep doing my research), but just as an experiment to become more aware of how many food products it's really in and how much we are consuming in our house without even realizing it.

My interest in this subject came at a good time because Becky invited me to participate in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  I'll be honest, I'm not one for restrictions and following plans. I really like the "food and being active approach". I really don't take too many supplements, meal replacements, specialty energy boosters, etc. But I thought it would go well with my self-imposed no sugar challenge. So I'm going to give it a go for the experience.

I'll talk more about my plan in another post soon and go into more detail about what we're eating and how it's going. 

I have been doing lots of brainstorming to come up with meal and snack ideas. I anticipate a large amount of time will be spent in the grocery stores this weekend to get prepared! May 12 it's on! :)

4. IA Blogger meet up
Last Friday I attended a blogger event put on by the Food and Family Project. Bogging, social media, new blogging friends, and HICKORY PARK! Yep, I'm there! :)

Last night Kaydin and I attended a movie premier event put on by the same people. Farmland was a good documentary addressing some concerns in that world, and I was really happy to see a couple organic vegetable farmers included, too!

5. Farmers markets
The local markets have started up again and I am soooo excited! This week I plan on hitting up the one in Valley Junction and the big one held downtown. I'm searching for some good quality tomato and strawberry plants. Locals- if you'll be there too, let me know! :)

The high was 90 degrees today(!!!) so I think it's safe to say the cold temps are behind us (fingers crossed)! I'm not going to complain about hot temps yet, but I sure hope we get some sort of spring and not skip right to the hot and humid summer!

I'm linking up with Amanda for her Thinking Out Loud link-up.

What have you had going lately?

Anyone else interested in going sugar free and joining me?