Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

We had a jam packed Memorial Weekend this year!

The weather wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either. Can't complain!

We started out our weekend by hitting up Hy-Vee for the salad bar for dinner Friday night. Their marinated kale salad is sooo good! I always fill up a good portion of my plate with that.

After we got home Tim and Kaydin watched one of the Lord of the Rings movies. Not my favorite type of movie but Tim and Kaydin have been getting into those and the Hobbit movies lately. Instead of movie watching I camped out alone in the bedroom and caught up on a bunch of blog reading.

Saturday we woke up fairly early to head to the farmer's market. Seeing lots of backed up traffic had me choosing a different parking garage than we normally do. Kaydin decided we needed to park at the very top. I'm glad we did though, because we took the time to scope out some new views of the downtown area.

After we browsed all the market offerings and found some plants and some herbs I'd been looking for, we grabbed a smoothie for the road. We had an appointment to get to! Kaydin was getting her hair braided up for the start of summer!

After the three hour hair appointment we hit up the nearby K-Mart to find Kaydin some summer sandals. The girl's feet have been growing like crazy and she's grown out of a majority of her shoes.

A few hours later we headed to the other side of town. Tim and I had a dinner date planned! Eatery A has great food and a fun atmosphere. Definitely a great place to hang out on a summer night!

While Tim and I were enjoying a new restaurant in the city and some delicious pizza, Kaydin was having lots of fun of her own with Baby Charlotte! My friend Summer was kind enough to host Kaydin at their house to play while Tim and I finally got some time alone.

Sunday we all slept in as best we could (only about 7:40) and had a slow morning. After some lounging and eating breakfast we went to Kristyn's house to see her new puppy! It's been a long time coming for her to find a dog and the right rescue finally came along!

Next, we moved on to a little shopping. Goodwill, Target, and Home Depot and then home to Tim and a quick lunch of grilled meat, salad, and fruit.

When we were eating, Tim proclaimed after we were done with lunch we were going out shopping for a new bike for Kaydin. Say whaaa??? We had been having trouble with her chain coming loose so I guess it was time she needed a new one.

We found the perfect one at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Since we were next to Costco we made a quick stop there after bike shopping for strawberries, raspberries and almond milk.

Once we got back home again Kaydin was anxious to test out her new bike. Tim had to run to the office to get a few things done so Kaydin and I hit the trail on our bikes. We were on our way back and only 1/2 block from home when I heard a tumble and looked back just in time to see her tumble end over end with the new bike tumbling, too. Luckily she was wearing her helmet but we were unable to find new elbow pads at the sporting goods store. #fail

She was tough though and only cried for a little bit while pushing home her new bike. A quick wash of the scraped up knee and elbow and we were back out the door to beat the rain clouds and get some new peppers, tomatoes, and herbs planted. We got it all done in time to be hit with a few giant raindrops as we were cleaning up.

A quick trip to the shower and then time to search for an easy dinner. Eggs, avocado, and random fruit made up an quick and easy dinner!

Tim and I wrapped up our Sunday by watching the movie 10,000 B.C. Been a long time since we'd seen it (back in summer of 2008 when we first started dating) so that was the one we finally settled on.

Monday morning we finally slept past 8:00am! Almost 9:00 actually! We ate some breakfast, got ready to leave the house, and went to Wal-Mart for some household and bathroom essentials. I was also still in search of some strawberry plants. I've checked many stores and everyone is sold out. I guess I waited too long to finally buy some.

Also on my agenda for Monday was weeding the garden and planting the last of my seeds. I just love being outside at the garden, seeing the little sprouts grow and get stronger. I am so excited for them to keep growing and start producing some food! I told Tim I could be out there messing around for hours. He looked at me like i was crazy. I forgot how much I love to garden. So rewarding to see so many things actually growing! :)

While I worked outside, Tim took the dogs for a run with Kaydin keeping at his side on her new bike. She's already a pro. Minus the tumble and wipe out the previous day! :)

The rest of the afternoon was spent blogging, editing pictures and grocery shopping. Another trip to the grocery store, reading labels and leaving with nothing containing sugar!

And our Memorial Weekend ended with The Bachelorette. Yes, a ridiculous reality staged show with a ridiculous cast but I still watch every season! #guiltypleasure :)

Weekly Meal Plan
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, chips and salsa, avocado, salad
Vegetable Chicken sausages, salad, roasted tiny Yukon potatoes
Bean tostados with salsa and avocado

How did you spend your Memorial Weekend?