Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Things Friday 5.23.14

Hi Friends! Happy Friday!

And Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Typical cliche but-- How the heck is it Memorial Day already?!?!

We've got a few fun things planned, some yard work to complete and hopefully a couple good grilled meals in my near future! :)

It's getting closer!!!! I'm so excited to head back to Utah to reunite with the friends I made last year and meet some new people at the same time!

There's still time for you to join too!

2. Healthy Living Summit
Healthy Living Summit registration information has been released! Another non-flying destination for this Iowa girl. Will you be joining me in Madison this September 11-14?

What you get for $190 at HLS14

3. Work Life
May, June and probably July are seeming to be my busiest months of the year grant submission wise. I'm busy building budgets and crunching numbers all day long and I love it!! I probably annoy Tim with how many times I say I love my job, but I do!! :)

4. Kaydin and I made our summer bucket lists the other night! We each made our own list and we came up with lots of fun things to do! I was impressed with some of the things she came up with. I'll be sharing soon!

5. Speaking of summer activities, I've been working through the calendar for the next few months laying out days off, vacations, events, etc. We have one fun, busy summer ahead! My brother is getting married in September, too, so lots of fun things to look forward to!! Can't wait to share all the details of what they've been planning and all the events along the way!

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What's on your agenda for the weekend?