Monday, May 26, 2014

2014 Summer Bucket List

It's Memorial Day!

Memorial Day not only has a significant meaning to honor those who have fallen before us, but also seems to signify the unofficial start to summer!

That means I've been thinking about all the fun things I want to accomplish this summer. One evening last week Kaydin and I got out pencil and paper and started making our lists.

Here's what we came up with...

Mollie's Summer Bucket List

*Ice Cream from Snooki's
*Go shopping in the East Village
*Bike the High Trestle Trail
*Hike in Greenwood Park
*Date nights with Tim
*Go fishing
*Blueberry picking at Berry Patch Farm
*Make pickles from cucumbers from the garden
*Visit Adventureland
*Grill as much as possible
*Visit Sonic for a happy hour slush
*Can tomatoes from the garden
*Hang more decor in the house
*Many frozen yogurt runs
*Visit the pool- often!
*Make jam, flavor to be determined
*Go mini golfing
*Visit the many farmer's markets around the metro often!
*Brunch at Americana
*Visit the State Fair
*Harvest many pounds of produce and herbs from the garden
*Pick wildflowers around country gravel roads
*Practice shooting in manual mode on my camera
*Go garage sale-ing
*Make a new batch of pesto
*Attend Juneteenth parade
*Watch fireworks on 4th of July
*Drink some wine :)
*Go to the zoo

Kaydin's Summer Bucket List

*Watch a lot of movies
*Plant seeds
*Play board games
*Fly a kite
*Paint pretty pictures
*Be lazy
*Visit Living History Farms
*Make a good healthy meal for no sugar thing"
*Stay up late
*Aquatic Centers
*Go to the park
*Sleep in
*Swimming at the pool
*Make beaded bracelets
*Count all piggy bank money
*Have a fashion party
*Celebrate we're here and alive!  <---This one is probably my favorite! :)

I'll keep you updated as we make our way through the lists!

What's on your summer bucket list?