Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Update and Weekly Meal Plan

Hi Friends!

Just a quick post today to tell ya a few things...

We had a great weekend! Finally some great weather so we were able to spend some time outside. We had softball practice Saturday morning with Kaydin's team. It was so fun!! It was great to spend some time with the girls learning about them and teaching them softball skills. I led the grounders station and Tim helped with the hitting station. So excited for the season!

Later that day I ran some errands, we spent some time outside playing catch, and we hit up a local spot, The Other Place, for an easy dinner out.

Sunday we had some more warm weather so we took advantage. First though, we enjoyed a great breakfast cooked by Tim. He's really becoming quite the cook and I think he's enjoying it! :) I know I am! It's nice to share that responsibility.

We spent the day cleaning up the yard, took the dogs for a long walk, cleaned up the apartment and planted some seeds for the garden!

I'll probably talk in more detail about the process and materials I used once I see some sprouts. I want to make sure my method was successful before I go explaining it. ;)

Weekly Meal Plan
Shrimp and grits
Lemon and dill salmon with quinoa and smashed yukon potatoes
Tilapia Foil Packets with potatoes and carrots
Egg Salad

I didn't follow my Meatless March challenged to a T all month but this week I am, even though it's April now! I stocked up on seafood last week and now we're putting it to good use.

Will you be growing a garden this year?