Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Check-in

Hi Friends!!

It's a crazy week up in here! I'm bogged down with lists, lists, to-do's, activities, and more lists! But all are for fun things! I just need more hours in a day!

Here's what our week is looking like:

Full of rain and dull clouds :( We've had days full of rain since Sunday and the forecast doesn't show it letting up until Friday. I'll take it as long as that means Friday and Saturday will be dry!

So, lots of activities going on this week!

Monday- gymnastics
Tuesday- softball practice
Wednesday- hip-hop class
Thursday- softball game
Friday- Blogger meet-up in Ames
Friday night- drive to Mom and Dad's
Saturday- Mom and Dad's 50th birthday party!

On top of those activities is a four day work week and LOTS of to-do's, final grocery shopping, food prep, and packing up stuff for the weekend!!

Plus, I still owe you a few posts (Easter recap in May this year!! :-/ ), and I'm working on some bringing some great information your way with a couple fun things thrown in, too! Stay tuned!!

Weekly Meal Plan
Whatever the heck we can find in the fridge and pantry!!

We did have a really good meal Sunday though at least! Tim went to the grocery store and came home with bags full of fruit, vegetables, and tilapia!

How do keep sane during a stressful week?
For me, I scribble lists like it's my job!