Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Day in the Life- 3.31.14

I always love reading people's A Day in the Life posts. I figured it was about time I post one, too! :) This type of day is pretty standard for us. Mondays Kaydin and I always stay at the apartment as opposed to the new house because Tim has a standing meeting in Ames. He serves as the Chapter Director of his fraternity and they always have the chapter meeting Monday nights. 

It wasn't too hard to keep notes and recall what happened throughout this particular day but I realized if I try to do this again, I definitely need to take more pics! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

6:36a- alarm goes off. I hit snooze. My snooze button is programmed for six minutes intervals. It takes a few before I'm actually out of bed.

6:58- finally keep my eyes open to check email and Instagram. I actually hate it when I do this in the morning because it sucks me in and I stay in bed far longer than I like.

7:14- get out of bed. Put in my contacts and brush my teeth. Start hassling Kaydin to get out of bed.

7:39- get dressed. Finish getting Kaydin ready and get all things gathered to get out the door.

7:49- leave the apartment. Few minutes later than I like but we're doin ok.

7:55- drop Kaydin off at school for the before school program. Her school day starts at 9:05. Far too late for me to take her to school when it starts. She goes to the before school program every morning and eats breakfast there, too, most mornings.

8:05- get to the office. Unpack my bags (lunch, phone, make-up bag), fill my water bottles, and get settled in. Check my email. 

8:15- Realize it's pay day and log on to my bank account, pay a credit card bill, fix satellite bill due to a new debit card and the auto pay needs updated. Put mascara on. That's the only make-up I wear most days and usually just put it on at my desk with a small compact mirror.

8:25- dig in to some more of my daily work. This morning I'm finalizing some grant counts and statistics.

9:30- decide to eat some breakfast- steel cut oats with roasted sweet potato, almond milk, brown sugar, and pecans. I got a pic, but with it being just in a little tupperware container, it looked less than appetizing. Next time I make it, though, I'll get some pics to share. So good! I can't take credit for the idea, though. One of my co-workers tipped me off to the concoction. 

9:35- do some more work while eating.

11:00- take a break to eat a string cheese.

11:05- work on some grant award paperwork that needs submitted to the agency.

11:45- eat part of my lunch, a Stonyfield vanilla Greek yogurt with Uncle Sam cereal with hemp seeds, before heading to a presentation across campus.

1:10p- return to my office, eat lunch (baked yukon and sweet potato with butter, salt and pepper and apple with peanut butter), read a few blogs posts and more work. 

2:00- weekly meeting with my boss to discuss issues that have come up or need addressed in the past week.

2:45- non-work related chat with a co-worker that I hadn't seen yet that day.

3:05- change for the gym. We have a full gym and workout facility on campus and are allowed to use the gym during our work day (for a reasonable amount of time). I love this perk because I can get my workout in most days before even leaving the office to pick up Kaydin. Plus, the wellness center staff offers classes we can take throughout the day, too!

3:15- head to the gym.

3:48- back from the gym to check email and finish any last quick tasks before leaving for the day.

3:55- Leave work to pick Kaydin up from school.

4:10- Stop by Walgreens on the way home for a couple things.

4:25- home. Start prepping dinner. Tonight it's smashed Yukon potatoes like Iowa Girl Eats just made, salmon for me, shrimp for Kaydin and quinoa.

4:45- make fruit smoothie in my Ninja Ultima for Kaydin and I to share to tide us over until we back from gymnastics.

5:00- turn on the local 5 o'clock news and help Kaydin with her math homework.

5:20- finally get Kaydin to change into her leotard so we can go to gymnastics.

5:27- drop Kaydin off at the gym and go tanning at the place nearby.

5:40- while waiting for a bed to open up take a call from a Drake journalism student. The weekend before I got an email asking if she could interview me for a blog/health article she was writing.

5:52- call ends. My name is finally called for an open bed.

6:05- head back to the gym to watch the last of Kaydin's class.

6:40- home from gymnastics and oven goes on. Get the last of dinner ready to be popped into the oven. Shower quick while the oven is heating.

6:50- pop dinner in the oven.

7:15- eat dinner. Realize the DVR timer for the series finale of How I Met Your Mother is not running. Realize Kaydin turned it off. Missed the first 15 minutes. Oh well!

8:00- get Kaydin ready for bed- pajamas on, teeth brushed, sleep cap on, bladder emptied, and tucked in.

8:10- load dishwasher and start it.

8:15- decide to finally quit putting off sewing her broken backpack and get it done while watching TV in bed. The new CBS sitcom, Friends with Better Lives is pretty funny! Might be a winner.

8:45- Kaydin is up and out of bed.Tuck her in one last time after having her pee one last time before she finally falls asleep.

8:50- Brush my teeth and take contacts out. Watch two DVR'ed episodes of Hawaii 5-0.

10:30- Lights out to get some sleep before we do it all again the next day!

And that's a typical day for us. Always busy and moving, just how I like it! :)