Friday, April 25, 2014

5 Things Friday 4.25.14

Hi Everyone!

SO excited it's Friday! SO excited it's the weekend! And SO excited for the things I have planned this weekend! My family is coming down and we're accomplishing a few things and have some fun planned, too!

Let me tell ya a little more about what's been going on lately! :)

1. Day after Tax Day Celebration!
 My friend Kristyn is a tax accountant so I never see her too much from February 1- April 15. We both always get excited for April 16 to roll around because she takes the day off and I try to meet up with her at some point for something fun. This year it was lunch at a local sushi place and then facials! Neither of us had ever had one, but after our first experience I bet it won't be our last. It was so nice and relaxing!

2. Garden planning/building
My little seedlings are doing great, but now I need a place to put them in the ground. Because of some city codes and how our lot falls, I recently found out I can't use lumber to make boxes {huge disappointment!}, but I did find a cute steel garden fence/border that should work. My brother and I are gonna do some looking at Menard's and find all our needed supplies. So excited to finally have my own garden to grow some of our own food and give my little sprouts a nice home! I bought a tumbling compost bin last week so I'm excited to get that up and running this weekend, too!

3. Easter
We were home for Easter last weekend! We found the Easter bunny and his many, many hidden eggs. Hopefully, I'll get to full re-cap soon.

4. Party planning 
 Josh and his fiance, Kerstin, are coming to town tonight and we're gonna hit up Costco to finish some party planning! Josh and I are throwing Mom and Dad a 50th birthday party with their friends and family next weekend! We've got lots of things on our list and still a bunch to accomplish. Who wants to gift me some of their extra free time?? Oh, wait- that's not a thing? We can't do that? Oh, damn, cuz I could sure use more hours in a day lately!

5. Hiking
On our way home from Pocahontas last weekend Kaydin and I stopped at Ledges State Park near Boone. I don't know why we've never visited before, but we've been missing out! The weather was great for some climbing and walking out in nature. We both had a great time and can't wait to go back!

We'll also be playing some softball this weekend! It's our second game and I'm on pitching duty since the other team coach is out of town. Wish me luck that I can toss some perfect pitches for the little girls to knock it outta the park!
Pic from our first game on April 15, 2014

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What do you have planned this weekend?