Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Ways to Get Your Kids Active this Spring

I believe it's so important for children to be active. It's so important to instill in them an active lifestyle when they are young. And there are so many ways they can be up and moving, so many options all around us! Winter can be a time for hibernation, but now that those cold months are behind us (hopefully), it's time to get moving!

1. Play some music and have a dance party.
What kid doesn't enjoy rockin' out to some tunes?! You might even realize you have a graceful ballet artist or bada** break dancer in the family!

2. Turn off the TV
Kids can't be sedentary in front of the TV if it isn't even turned on. That simple!


3. Enroll them in a community sport
Kaydin has been pretty active participating in soccer, softball, dance, and gymnastics. Exposing children to community activities brings many more benefits than just the competition aspect. They learn new athletic skills, they become part of team and learn to work with others, and they most likely have lots of fun participating. Not every sport may be for them (Kaydin wasn't a big fan of soccer) but at least she learned about it, got out there and tried!


4. Take a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner
A relaxing stroll around the neighborhood is a great way to wind down after a busy day. You get some quality family time in and also exercise for the whole group.

5. Limit the amount of time on the TV, Ipad, smartphone, or home computer
We have a rule in our house of 30 minutes TV time on weekdays and 60 minutes on weekends. We had to enforce that after Kaydin was becoming too interested and involved in a few Disney channel shows. Some kids wouldn't move an inch away from that video console and couch for hours if you let them. Set time limits for these devices and when that limit is up, it's time to get moving and be active!

6. Walk the dog
We have a Husky and Malamute at home. Two large dogs that have tons of energy to burn off everyday. Have kids with energy to burn off, too? A perfect pair!

7. Play catch in the yard
Or kick the soccer ball, get out the volleyball, volley a badminton birdie, etc. Playing these games in the yard isn't too strenuous, requires only minimal equipment and you don't even have to leave home. It's not a hard activity but it gets you both off the couch, away from the screens, and having fun!

8. Pull the bikes out and go for a ride
Most kids are always up for a bike ride. Strap on their helmet, hop on and let the wind blow through their hair! :)

9. Volunteer. Get out there and be involved in a service project in your community.
Kaydin and I have recently become involved with a local women and children's homeless shelter, New Directions Shelter. Here Kaydin can play with some of the kids, we can help with yard work outside, and help with any other things that need accomplished. There are always organizations looking for volunteers to help and make an impact with others that really need it. Do some research in your community, see what you can find out!

10. Explore the fun activities in your community. 
We have so many fun things to partake in when the weather gets nice. The farmers markets will be starting again soon, mini golf courses will be opening up, Sky Zone is always a fun place to go and you are guaranteed the kids will burn off tons of energy, the zoo is always popular this time of year, and parks and lake areas can keep kids busy with hours of activity. Really take the time to learn about all the offerings your own community has. The options are endless!

Check out this infograph on one of my past posts. The stats are crazy! Change is far overdue. Play your part in our kids' healthy habits and good health!

How will you or your family be getting active this spring season?