Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Florida 2014 {(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday}

As I work on packing for a fun beach vacation I thought I'd share some photos from a recent family trip we took.

A few weeks ago I traveled to Orlando for my job to attend a conference. Dad has whined and bothered me for years to take Kaydin to Disney World. I told him, no way could he take her without me. Once the opportunity came up, I decided it was time to give him his wish. :)  

We flew in on a Friday afternoon. I had class all day the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so we used the weekend to go to Clearwater Marine Hospital and Magic Kingdom. Tim flew back home Monday morning and Mom, Dad, and Kaydin spent their last couple days in Florida soaking up the sun at the beach and pool while I sat in class at the hotel meeting room. I think those three got the best schedule this trip!

I decided not to tell Kaydin we were going until that morning. She was super excited to learn she would be getting on a plane that day to go to Florida to meet Winter, the dolphin. She was even more excited when my parents knocked on the door to join us on our trip!

We also visited the museum where they held lots of the movie props.

Dad obviously did not obey the prominent signage!

Riding the Monorail into the Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain was the favorite ride of the whole park for all us--well, maybe not Mom. She was screaming the whole time.

Trying to pull out the Sword from the Stone

Riding the carousel at Downtown Disney

Our last night in town, dinner at Bahama Breeze

Another fun family vacation down. We were just missing Josh and Kerstin. But at least now Dad can stop bothering me about Disney World. Next time I think it's time for another cruise!