Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I did! Friday was fun getting together with the girls. Sipping wine, indulging in many cheeses, and adult time with other women is always refreshing!

Saturday Tim, Kaydin and I headed to Kids Fest for awhile and then stopped for lunch at a new local pizza place in Altoona, Bianchi Boys Pizza and Pasta. No complaints, a great place for some pizza. Try it if you are in the area. Locals: it's right across from Prairie Meadows on Adventureland Drive.

After seeing Traci's awesomely decorated apartment (she has a gift that I just don't) I was feeling the itch to start decorating the house and completing some DIY projects. Kaydin and I hit up a few thrift stores and found a few treasures. Now the weather just needs to get nicer so I can bust out the spray paint. I found a few things I'd like to transform including these two cute little white elephants. I'm thinking a bright color will make them perfect for a shelf in Kaydin's room.

So, it's March. That means for me, it's Meatless March. Last year I participated in a challenge a couple bloggers held and I enjoyed it. I didn't end up being 100% meat-free all month since I traveled to New Orleans and also "cheated" a few times, but it was fun to get more creative with some vegetarian options. I won't be 100% meat-free again this year since I'll be traveling again (vacations are just not the time to restrict any foods, in my opinion ;) ) and when eating that above mentioned pizza, I forgot I planned on going meatless for the month. Oops! Oh well, no worries, this is just my own little personal challenge. I'll definitely still be eating fish and getting lots of protein from other plant based sources.

Weekly Meal Plan
Pasta with vodka sauce
Salmon patties
Bean and cheese baked burritos

Do you participate in Meatless March?