Monday, March 24, 2014

Kaydin's 7th Birthday

My baby turned 7 this January!! :( Only a sad face because time is flying by so fast! She is gonna be heading to college soon. Then that sad face will be filled with tears, too!

But for now we'll focus on the fun and happy times. I could just stare at her for hours. She's so beautiful, smart and just all around amazing. All mothers gush about their kids and I'm definitely one of them!

My mom came to town the weekend of her birthday and brought her a birthday cake. She dug right into the middle not waiting for a single piece to be cut.

 This year for her birthday we decided on a small party to head to the nail salon for manicures and then visit cherry berry for some frozen yogurt.

After the party, we opened presents at home and made our way to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner at Kaydin's request.

Her 8th birthday is already around the corner I'm afraid. And soon I'll be sobbing because she's moving out and leaving for college. Although, she does tell me all the time that she doesn't wanna ever leave me and she'll live with me while going to college. But I remember saying that, too, so I'm not countin' on it! :)