Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kids and Finance {and Kids Fest ticket giveaway}

Kids Fest is coming up!

It's an event we always look forward to attending every year. This year it's being held February 28-March 2 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Varied Industries Building.

When Veridian Credit Union reached out and asked if I would be interested in promoting Kids Fest, I jumped at the opportunity. It's an event we've been attending for the four previous years! Tim is a board member with Children and Families of Iowa and it's a favorite event of his to volunteer at, too.

Veridian is the presenting sponsor for Kids Fest and takes the opportunity to have many activities throughout the weekend to teach kids about the importance of saving money. To keep the learning going at home, though, we take a lot of time to instill in Kaydin the importance of saving money and working hard to earn the things she wants.

A trip to the bank to deposit her first real paycheck from a Mediacom commercial  into her savings account.

Last Friday Kaydin received a Valentine's card from my grandma. Of course, there was $20 inside that Kaydin always gets excited about when she sees a card from her great-granny. Most times those twenties go straight into one of her many piggy banks. This time, though, she asked to spend a few dollars at the store. We were headed to Hy-Vee later that night so I agreed. After searching the aisles, she decided on some gummy sharks from the bulk bins.

We made our way to the cash register where Kaydin handled her own transaction with the cashier. Tim has taught her over the years how to handle purchasing items on her own at the store.

Tim and Kaydin counting out $10 that will be deposited into her savings account at the bank.
I feel it's important for children to learn at a young age how to handle and save money. That way when it really counts they will have an understanding of how to manage and save money. With Tim being in finance it comes naturally to him to incorporate financial education. He always works with Kaydin on money issues. Whether it's counting change, taking a trip to the bank to make a deposit, or handing cash over to the cashier at the toy store she always plays a part.

Now on to Kids Fest! I have two admission tickets to this year's event to giveaway! If you live in the area and have never been it's a really fun event for kids. There always lots of games, activities, characters meet and greets, face painting, story times, and lots of other things. The only one complaint I have about the event is the food prizes/snacks. All geared toward the junk food category (pop, ice cream bars, candy, processed snack cakes and chips) there is major room for improvement. Hopefully in years to come there will be a shift as more and more people get interested in cutting out sugar and artificial ingredients from their family's diet. I understand that a lot of this is vendor provided, but I still hope to see positive changes in the years to come.





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Giveaway will be open for one week and end Sunday, February 23th at midnight, CST.

*Disclaimer- I was given tickets and monetary compensation in exchange for a post regarding children and finance and also promotion of Kids Fest. All opinions are my own.