Monday, February 24, 2014

February grocery budget- Week 4

Another weekend down and we're that much closer to spring!

It was another weekend of just Kaydin and I. Tim had to head north to Minneapolis this weekend for meetings. This is one I'm glad I got left behind on because of the treacherous weather that came through on Thursday and left Interstate 35 north of Des Moines and into Minnesota completely ice covered. What is usually a 3.5 trip turned into 8 (!!!) for Tim on Friday afternoon/night. I would've gone crazy in that traffic and weather. I am one impatient traveler and Tim would have wanted to kick my butt right outta the car after all my whining!

Anyway, Kaydin and I had another slow weekend of Netflix and movies. Let's just say I became a little too familiar with Wizards of Waverly Place. Although, I have to admit I kinda liked that show. In hindsight, we should have ventured out to the sledding hill not too far from the house but I completely forgot about it until Sunday night. I'm so ready for spring to be able to get out more and be more active!

We did make a trip out of the house on Saturday to shop a special birthday birthday (my Dad is turning the big 5-0 this Saturday!) coming up and also some browsing at Forever 21. We were met by the droves of people that come into town every year at this time for the high school state wrestling tournament. If I wasn't on a deadline for birthday shopping I woulda skipped the mall altogether! It was crazy!! At least Kaydin and I came away with a few good finds. We picked out some new scarves and jewelry and called it good to escape the crowds and packed parking lots.

We finished the weekend with a quick trip to Hy-Vee for some staples for the week and watched Captain Phillips before bed. It was a good movie choice as the last few Tim and I have watched just haven't impressed us all that much. Did anyone love Flight with Denzel Washington? I thought I would have but just really didn't.


Ok, so we're in the final week of February. I'm really not too sure what we will eat all week. I have a couple ideas I may use and to fill the rest of the days I'm just going to see what I can come with on the fly.

Linn's Supermarket
2- 24oz Greek yogurt- marked down
Noosa yogurt- marked down
snack bag potato chips

Whole wheat English muffins
1/2 gal milk
1 yogurt (Kaydin picked for her breakfast this morning)
wheat hamburger buns

Weekly total- $12.53
Monthly Total- $106.29

My monthly goal was $100. I'm pretty happy with that total!

Weekly Meal Plan
Homemade sloppy Joe's
Homemade pizza
Whole wheat pasta with vodka sauce

I'm definitely ready for March to be here so I can have a little more freedom in my spending but I think I could prob easily survive on $175 instead of the more typical ~$250 per month I was spending last year. I may try that for a few months and see how it goes. Oh, cookie butter and Whole Foods, I'm so excited for March so we can be reunited! :)