Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals {and a look back at 2014}

Happy 2015!

  • Make homemade pasta.  Tim mentioned he would like a pasta maker a couple months ago. I filed that information away and ordered one for him for Christmas.  I remember growing up Mom would make homemade noodles and i loved eating the salty dough and running the rolled out pieces through the crank machine. Now to use ours in 2015!
  • Save a large chunk of cash for a new car. My car is a 2005. It's still a good car with not too high mileage but after driving the same thing for over 8 years now, I'm ready for a change. But first to save up a pile of money first.
  • Add more square footage to the garden and grow some different foods than last year.  Tim is still on board for digging up more of the yard this spring and I am so excited!! I've already made my list of things I wanna grow this coming year. I always vowed never to grow my own green beans because that was my most dreaded task during the summer when I was growing up. Well, my brother grew and canned beans this past summer and I was jealous! I felt myself getting nostalgic for those afternoons of picking bean after bean when I was a kid. I think I shall pass that memory on to Kaydin! ;)
  • Not use the credit card. December is always my bad spending month. And this year was no different. Time for a spending strike! I found some great deals in the last few days on clothes and shoes for Kaydin and I so we are set for a while! Just keep me outta the clearance aisles and it's all good! :)
  • Spend more time at the gym. In 2014 I ventured to the gym kind of consistently. I mean, it is just a sidewalk away from my office on campus. And I've mentioned this many times, but we can spend a reasonable amount of time at the gym during our work hours. Plus there are classes offered over the lunch hour like yoga and spinning. I want to make more of a consistent effort, though. I love being active and if I can't workout, I crave it. But overall, if I could be fit and not have to work hard in the gym, sign me up!! In 2015 I plan to spend a little more time in the gym and push harder while there.
  • Not freak out when I turn 30 this summer! I'll be turning 30 in July. Yikes! Where did time go?!? 
  • Enjoy life while creating many memories! This one's pretty easy! :)

And a look back at my goals I set for 2014...

  •  Make a compost pile/bin. I've been doing some research and am so excited to start a compost bin. I always knew I was pretty earthy and all that but in my adulthood, I've turned into a pretty crunchy, green hippy! :)  Check! I found a bin at Menard's this spring and filled 'er up all summer! This fall I put all the compost on the garden to mix with the soil all winter to be ready to grow some veggies again this spring! 

  •  Make homemade sauerkraut. Kristyn and I picked up some dill sauerkraut at the end of the season this fall at the downtown market. It was soooo good! I just finished off my jar and cannot wait to get more from the same vendor this spring. We've decided to try our hand at making our own, too, this year. Check! We made some sauerkraut this fall. I tried a bite and it's pretty good! 

  • Get a pressure or water bath canner and preserve some foods this summer and fall. I've always been interested in canning and preserving food. I helped my grandma as a kid and also my mom when growing up in the house. Now that I will have my own garden I'm going to bust out my skills and see what I can come up with. Mpickled asparagus and pickled beets have turned out great so I'm going to keep expanding my horizons. Check! I canned diced tomatoes, applesauce and pickles this year. I did all that without a big water bath canner, but Mom and Dad gifted me one for Christmas this year and I can't wait to put it to work this summer!

  •  Make more foods, sauces, smoothies, nut butters, etc. in my Ninja Ultima (and get a review post up).  I love my Ninja! I need to make a few more things in it and then I'll share with you guys how awesome it is. Check! I love this machine! We've used it for many, many things over the past year. It crushes ice perfectly, makes creamy, dreamy hummus, and the small cups are perfect for a quick smoothie on our way out the door in the morning!

  •  Keep saving the cash. As I get older and Kaydin gets older and I keep growing in my job it's getting easier to save money. I'm not giving myself a number to hit by December 2014 but I do want to pay mostly cash (if not all) for my next car. Half check. I saved a bunch, spent a bunch and saved some more. Next year, the pot will be large on December 31!

  • Go on a vacation with only Tim this year. We haven't had a nice big vacation just Tim and I in over two years. It's time we get something on the calendar. I keep asking him where we should go. We just need to take some time and make a real plan. Fail. Although we are talking more about finally booking something. Thinking another Caribbean cruise or Jamaica.

  •  Keep up meal planning. As most of you may know by now I am a grocery hoarder. And I do it on the cheap. I would always go off the ads and buy what was on sale. A great concept, although I never made a plan with those purchases. So my cupboards and freezer always had a bunch of odds and ends that was hard to make full meals out of. I still keep whittling away at my grocery stockpile but I've finally made myself make a plan for only one week and only buy the groceries for that week. Half check! Some weeks I did great, some weeks we just got by. I love to meal plan though so this is staying on the to-do list every week for 2015.

  • Not use curse words around Kaydin. I don't do this much, but sometimes is still too often. I may even implement a payment system to her when I slip up. I am not perfect, not a saint. But Kaydin does not like it when I say bad words. I get called out on it. So that helps! :)


  • Use my dehydrator a lot! Tim got me a dehydrator for Christmas (actually so did Mom! I ended up with two this Christmas after wanting one for a couple years!) and I am so excited to start using it! This summer I'm thinking it will be running all the time. Herbs, fruits, jerky, yay! Half check on this one. I didn't use it as much as I should've this summer. But the pineapple we dried in it throughout the year is on point! Love it!

  • Live a healthy, well-balanced, happy life all throughout 2014. Yes, vague, but all those adjectives are super important to my life and I hold them as priorities. Not all goals have to have concrete measurements tied to them. This is one that takes some conscience effort and I intend to make it happen! :) Check! I'm healthy, happy, not too stressed the majority of my days. It was a pretty good year!

Past year's goals:


Do you set goals for your year?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014~Year in Review

This year, 2014, was a pretty good year. Some downs, but mostly ups, and LOTS of fun events occurred! It's always fun to take a look down memory lane. This time it's a long, long lane of January through December of this year.


Kerstin said yes to the dress!

Glitterazzi 2014

February visit Winter at the Clearwater Marine Hospital,

walk the beach,

and experience Disney's Magic Kingdom.

an unexpected note from my sweet girl

Valentine's Day 2014


Working on the first step of the garden.

We broke in the new grill this April.




Iowa Blogger event put on by the Iowa Food and Family Project

I got spoiled with lots of surprises this Mother's Day!

We planted the garden.

Ang's wedding


Last day of first grade!

Dance recital 2014

Father's Day game of checkers


Colorado vacation

Josh and Kerstin's bachelor/bachelorette party


Homemade summer pizza

Back to school 2014

Meet the Teacher Night

1st day of 2nd grade


Garden progress

Lots of fresh veggies harvested, but I've got bigger plans for 2015.

#blenddsmtakeover via @semihealthnut at semihealthyblog

My cousin Tyler's wedding- September 27th, 2014


Iowa state game


Spent the day with Miss Charlotte

New sewing machine. Now to use it a bunch in 2015.

Little Landry's first birthday


Christmas baking

Visiting Santa at Jolly Holiday Lights

Holiday gatherings

Made lip balm at home!


Getting ready for the new year!

Can't wait to see what's in store for us in 2015!