Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This and That

Hi Everyone!

Let's start right off with the fun stuff, shall we??

Congrats to Sarah and Shauna for winning my favorite things giveaway! Now that I got my first one out of the way, be on the look out for more to come in the future! :)

OMG, is everyone else as busy and flustered as I am? I am waist deep in holiday events, gatherings, planning, shopping, card-sending, etc. Good thing I'm a planner and list maker. Now if only I was a better house cleaner! ;) My apartment is a complete disaster and I just can't keep. Kaydin and I did make some progress last night, though, so that's a plus!

Last night I attended an oils workshop focusing on the chemistry of them. So fascinating! I need to get my act together and let you know what we've been using them for in our household so far. I'm loving them and can't wait to learn more!

Be on the lookout for my cookie recipe from the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap that will go live on my blog tomorrow! It's a good one!

This weekend I'm headed home to do some annual baking with my mom. We are compiling our list and gathering ingredients! I can't wait for Friday!

Last Wednesday I attended Dixie's Tupperware Party with my good friend Summer. I was lucky enough to tag along as her date! If you have a chance to see this show, definitely go. A drag queen telling dirty jokes, involving the audience and hocking her tupperware? Sounds like a fun evening to me! We were laughing the whole show!
Photo: Had a great time at DIXIE!

Weekly Meal Plan
Cream and herb chicken with whole wheat parsley biscuits (this turned out awesome so may have to recreate and photograph!)
Apple and blue cheese pizza
Rotisserie chicken breast and steamed broccoli
Egg sandwiches

How are you all coming with your Christmas shopping??