Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

Another successful Thanksgiving is in the books!

Josh really outdid himself with the turkey this year! It was AWE-some. He injected it with smoker salt like we do every year, but he also added a bunch of seasonings and spices, too. It was the best turkey we've had in years! He's definitely on turkey duty every year from now on!

It was just me, Tim, Kaydin, my brother, Josh, and his fiance, Kerstin, for Thanksgiving lunch. My dad had to work so him and Mom were joining us later in the night. I added a new sweet potato casserole that received rave reviews from everyone in attendance (except Mom, can't get that woman to eat many veggies). And I was also complimented by Josh that the escalloped corn was finally as good as Mom's! That's a good compliment! That kid needs escalloped corn on the table at every holiday. I tried to skip on it this year but he wouldn't let me. At least I pulled through and made a great dish. My first time making it on my own. :)

We had a great lunch and then moved on to making our game plan for Black Friday shopping. I really hate that everything is getting moved up and stores open on Thanksgiving evening. I don't think we can stop that trend though, and it's tradition for us to go now. Plus, there were some sales on things Josh legitimately needed. I tagged along but still ended up spending way too much money. I found lots of good deals, though. Multiple blue-rays for my movie fiend at home. Tim has a thing for movies and I'm glad I was able to snag some at a lower price. We went to Wal-Mart and Target and then were back home just after 9pm but not without running into Mom and Dad at Target. :) They met us there rather than heading straight to the house first.

Early Friday morning we were back up and out the door to check out Menard's. My dad's work schedule finally worked out that he could shop with us down in Des Moines this year so I was excited to be out shopping with him. You would never know it, but Dad is quite the shopper.  :)  He usually is up for shopping far longer than I.

I even got Mom out on Black Friday later in the morning. We hit up Michael's and Homemakers and also visited Market Day downtown. Market Day is an event that takes place multiple times throughout the year of just local vendors featuring hand made items. I hadn't been before and was excited to check it out. So many fun and unique things to peruse through.

Friday night we chose an easy and delicious option for supper as we had a show to get to! You wouldn't think convenience store pizza would be that good, but Casey's is delicious!! Thanksgiving weekend is never complete without catching one of the Disney on Ice showings! This time both Mom and Dad joined us. Tim and I both commented maybe Kaydin was getting too old for the show but she was still so into it! Excited and announcing her predictions of who would be coming out to skate next. I think she'll be happy to keep going for years to come. Plus, I still like to go and want to keep it a tradition for as long as I can. :)

Saturday afternoon we headed back downtown again for Festival of Trees. This time it was just Kaydin and I since Mom and Dad headed home earlier in the day and Tim had a fundraising meeting he had to attend. 

We strolled through all the decorated trees, made some snowman munch mix (pretzels and marshmallows), and found a good spot in the crowd so I could see her dance. Every year Kaydin's dance studio performs at the festival so this event has also become part of our traditional Thanksgiving weekend.

After all the dancing was done and the favorite tree chosen (a Barbie one, of course), we headed to Zombie Burger. Give Kaydin an option when eating out and 99% of the time she will chose a cheeseburger. I knew just the spot and had never been there before so it was the perfect choice. 

She got a plain jane cheeseburger (like always) and I went with the trailer trash zombie burger featuring fried pickle (yum), chicken fried bacon (yuck, the bacon was flimsy and fatty), and cheese curds (only two were included on the sandwich. I was hoping for at least a couple more;) ). The burger was fries were good, though, I believe the reviews are right- this place is over-hyped. I would definitely go back, though, because of all the choices and the fun atmosphere.

Once we got home, we snuggled on the couch and turned on Home Alone. Kaydin was rolling in laughter the whole time.

Sunday we took it easy, relaxed and got ready for the week ahead. Holiday weekends are great but always go by far too quickly.

How do you cook your turkey for Thanksgiving?
For as long as I can remember we have always smoked our turkeys.