Friday, December 20, 2013

6 things I love about myself {elf4health challenge}

I am participating in the Elf4Health Challenge again this year. I've completed a good amount of the challenges and love connecting with my two Elf buddies, Audrey and Nessa.

We are wrapping up the challenge this Sunday but I wanted to post today's challenge out here on the blog.

Share 6 things you love about yourself. 

So many people do not have enough love for themselves. Not enough confidence. Today I'm here to say...


You are beautiful! You are smart! You are worth it! 

I'm sharing a few things I love about myself, both inside and out. You can never touch on these things enough. It's healthy to acknowledge attributes about yourself that you think are pretty great.

6 Things I Love About Myself

1. My hair.
My hair is pretty versatile. I think it's pretty when its long and straight, and I love that I can also make it wavy or curly. I love that I have the ability to style it different and not have the same 'ol look every day!

2. I love that I hold family traditions as a priority. I'm a very nostalgic person and also a creature of habit. I like to keep up the same fun family activities through the year and if I don't, I feel like I'm betraying them (weird, I know!)

Some of our traditions:

Kaydin spending the weekend with my parents over 4th of July

Disney on Ice over Thanksgiving weekend

Chinese food and Jolly Holiday Lights to see Santa the week before Christmas

3. I love my tastebuds! Luckily, I have a natural desire to eat healthy food. I love fruits and veggies, I much more enjoy whole wheat flours and pastas to white, and I very rarely have the desire to hit up the drive-thru. I love the treats and some unhealthy stuff, too, but have no problem choosing a healthy diet most of the time.

4. I love my memory. Sure, I don't remember everything. Or know the correct answer 100% of the time. But for the most part I have a pretty good memory. Perfect for storing all those memories, momentous dates, and life happenings.

5. I love the work I do for my job. It's funny, I never thought I would be in research administration, but I do enjoy it. I like to meet with faculty members and hear their ideas and help them bring it all together. I like to manipulate numbers and make them work together in a budget. Who would've thought?!?

6. I love my skin. I love that I don't have to wear make-up on my face. Foundation and powders and all that junk is so not for me. I love that it can tan fairly easily instead of only burning when in the sun. I love that it's not really sensitive throughout the seasons.

and for good measure... :)

7. My eyes. Kaydin and I share the same big, round eyes and I love them!

Now, tell me, what do you love about yourself? :)