Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Hello! and happy Sunday!

Usually Sundays are full of getting ready for the week ahead and accomplishing the last few things I wanted to achieve on the weekend. This Sunday was different, though (well besides finalizing a couple blog posts and doing the dishes). Kaydin and I are still in pajamas and didn't even leave the house once. We've been playing games, lounging, watching multiple episodes of House, a Veggie Tales movie, and some crafting.

I should be gearing up for this busy holiday week. But only two work days for this girl and a (mostly) final Thanksgiving meal plan and all grocery shopping complete,means I needed a day of nothing.

Plus, I was pretty much out of commission all week. Last weekend I hurt my back/hips somehow and was really slow moving all week. Visits to the chiropractor and my walking improved but moved to lots and lots of pain and numbness down my right leg. My piriformis muscle was irritated and swollen and that led to pinching my sciatic nerve. I've had the pain a lot of the past but nothing like this. And in every position- laying down, standing up, walking, sitting. It was a rough week! Getting better, though, and ready for the holiday week ahead!

We had Tim's side of the family's Thanksgiving gathering yesterday. One holiday meal down and looking forward to another later this week!

Weekly Meal Plan

Stuffed acorn squash
Whatever I can find in the fridge
Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving leftovers :)

Do you have your Thanksgiving grocery shopping done yet?

PS- make sure to come back tomorrow! I have a fun post planned! :)