Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

Another fun and successful Halloween in the books! I had a little witch on my hands this year!

She was pretty indecisive this year and couldn't make up her mind about what her costume would be. The witch idea is the one that finally stuck!

My creation is obviously the one on the right; Tim and Kaydin's is on the left. They carved a vampire pumpkin this year, complete with red glitter paint, aka blood, on its teeth.

We hit up Night Eyes this year, only actually at night this time! Even more fun than in the daylight! Night Eyes is an annual trick-or-treat event held at the zoo in Des Moines.

Our annual pumpkin sugar cookies of course made their appearance again this year. 

Kaydin doesn't seem to be the cutthroat Trick-or-Treater like Josh and I were. We ran from house to house from the minute trick-or-treating started to the minute it ended, it seemed. Kaydin is the one walking from house to house, the shy girl in the back waiting her turn and letting everyone else go first, and the one choosing only one piece of candy even when the home owner gives permission to take two. So proud ;) lol

She was content just being out for about 45 minutes and then stated she was done and ready to go home. Perfect timing, too, because right after we quit for the night it started sprinkling rain.

Just because she was out for a short time doesn't mean she didn't come up with a few signature jokes as she does every year. This year her jokes included:

Q-How do you become a witch?
A- You drink the witch potion.

Q- How do you walk?
A- You use Frankenstein's brain.

Q- Why did the ghost cross the road?
A- To say BOO!

As in year's past, her jokes are definitely her own creation! ha!

We also squeezed in watching my favorite Halloween movie this season, Hocus Pocus.

Of course, it's not Halloween without the pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's!

 For Halloween this is how Little Miss styled her hair. I think she was going for the Medusa look. ha!

We had a potluck in our office on Halloween. The eyes were my contribution. Just marinated mozzarella balls and green and black olives to make the iris and pupils. (Found on Pinterest) Another co-worker brought these chocolate mousse mice! They looked so life-like! A definite hit! 

I brought a little mouse home to Kaydin and she gobbled it right up!

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What did you dress up as this year?