Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Happenings

It was another great weekend that passed far too quickly.

I headed down to the market early Saturday morning with Kristyn and Kaydin. Sadly, it was probably our last trip to the market for the year. The last downtown market is next weekend but we probably won't make it.

 So this weekend we indulged in our favorite market foods and brought home some local goodies.

Thankfully I did a quick Google search and found a restaurant in Des Moines that serves pupusas so I don't have to wait until next May for one. I will gladly have one of these again soon! If you live ih the Des Moines area make sure to stop by the Pupusa vendor on 3rd Street next May.

 Kaydin always requests a cream cheese danish from La Mie. This one did not disappoint; it was the best one I'd ever had! The filling was nice and thick.

We tried some samples at the fermented foods booth and could not leave without bringing home this garlic dill sauerkraut. So good! I've been eating with a spoon straight from the jar! I will definitely be stocking up on this next spring.

After strolling the market in the brisk morning air, we headed to Smokey Row Coffee House to warm our fingers.

After sipping our drinks and playing a couple games Kaydin made up on the spot, we headed back home.

Soon after we got the itch to learn new hobby so headed to Michael's to scoop up some new needles and thread. Knitting has been on my to-learn list for a couple years now and I finally found a partner to help me knock out this goal.

Although, knitting it not as easy as I thought it may be. I've perfected casting on, but getting the first stitch is kinda hard. I think it has to do with me being ambidextrous. I watch the videos and just get confused because I can't determine my dominate hand.

 Hopefully someday in the future I'll be making some scarves like these!

Saturday night was date night for Tim and I. I got us reservations at Cafe di Scala. Neither of us had been there before and the timing worked perfectly that we could also hit a movie, too, before picking Kaydin up from her play night at her gymnastics gym.

Their menu was full of delicious sounding appetizers. We settled on the zucchini and cheese cakes. These are so good and the garlic aioli it was served with made the dish.

 We both chose pasta for our main dish. The pastas there are all hand made so it was an easy choice!

After dinner we moved down the road to Fleur Cinema to catch Gravity. I really thought it would be better given all the hype and media attention. It definitely wasn't a bad movie but not one I would be buying the day it's released on blu-ray.

Sunday was spent running a few errands, cleaning, and getting ready for the week. A typical Sunday in our house.

Last Sunday, Kaydin and I rigged up the bike rack and went to Raccoon River Park to ride the trails and play at the park. I'm sad that it's getting colder and we won't be able to do this much longer. We saw some pretty fall views while there, though!

What were you up to this weekend?