Monday, October 7, 2013

A trip to the orchard

We had a great weekend! Besides hitting the farmer's market, doing some baking, lots of relaxing, a rare night out with a couple friends and getting in a little cleaning, we also went apple picking! This weekend we made the short drive to Adel to visit Wills Family Orchard. This was the first time we had visited this orchard.

I was super excited to hit up this orchard this year because it's certified organic! No other orchards in our area offer an organic selection.

We paid for out 10 pound bag ($25) and were on our way to pick! There were rows and rows of trees with ripe and ready fruit just waiting to be plucked.

In addition to having a few varieties of you-pick apples in their orchard the farm also had great views! Their land was so pretty. I could have spent hours out there if it hadn't been so windy Saturday afternoon.

 We weaved in and out of the trees picking only the most perfect apples to fill our bag.

Kaydin had fun running from tree to tree picking out her favorite ones and declaring them poison just like in Snow White.

They also had a huge pumpkin patch with all different kinds of pumpkins. White ones, green ones, bumpy ones, all kinds of shapes and sizes!

We chose the bumpiest one we could find!

And Kaydin chose the longest weirdest gourds she could find. She had them named before we even made it to the car, Ryan the snake and Brian the mouse.

If you haven't hit up an orchard yet this season, Wills is a great one!

Wills Family Orchard
33130 Panther Creek Road
Adel, IA 50003